BREAKING NEWS: Explosion at RP Congress; suspected assassination attempt

Discussion in 'General' started by Carol, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Carol

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    MANILA, Nov 13 (Reuters) - An explosion rocked the Philippine Congress on Tuesday in a suspected assassination of a Muslim lawmaker that also killed one other person, injured several more and unnerved the country's capital.

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  2. arnisador

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    An explosion at the Congress! That is something--I wonder how they got by security.
  3. Carol

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    They didn't have to.

    MANILA, Philippines (AP) — A bomb exploded outside the House of Representatives late Tuesday, killing a former Muslim rebel-turned-congressman who had backed a U.S.-Philippine offensive against Islamic militants. A lawmaker's driver and a legislative staffer also died.

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  4. PG Michael B

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    Nothing surprises me anymore....the world is what it is so I just deal with it. After you experience violence up close and personal and took part in it to a degree nothing really shocks you, you get numb to it!

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