Breaking News - Ex Cop takes Tourists hostage in Manila

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  1. I'm off to watch the TV...
  2. I've never seen anything like this before - in TV or movies etc.

    SWAT have been trying to storm it for the last hour after the bus driver escaped and said everyone was dead.

    Shots are still coming from outside and we can now see passengers are dead inside.

    The latest attempt was repelled by automatic fire. A civilian just got hit outside.

    Coverage is also on CNN and TFS. The bus was taken hostage at 7am and is currently stopped in the Luneta area. The tires were shot out when the driver started it up. He was handcuffed to the wheel but somehow got out the bus' window and ran for cover, mobbed by reporters.

    It's just tragic and a very dark day for the Philippines. :(

    There's no confirmation of the number of dead at the moment - or if any passengers are still alive.
  3. It's over now. 4 passengers survived. The hostage taker did not.

  4. Brian R. VanCise

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    So tragic!!! My heart goes out to all the families of the deceased!
  5. Yes, it is.

    I was also thinking the survivors / first responders will be traumatized for a long time too.

    Some of the vids are surprisingly on youtube:

  6. From Sky News:

    Contrast that to what the PNP said:

    I must admit it didn't look that good watching it live. I think they only had one sledgehammer between them. They frequently lost this trying to batter down the front / side door and then had to reach inside and retrieve it! At one point they tied a rope to the front door and then tied it to their van to try and get in. It took them an hour or so to work out how to open the emergency exit from the outside. The slightly chubby (but brave - hope he wasn't the one shot but suspect he was) jumped on the bus without using a mirror or anything to check it was safe to do so.

    It was probably bound to end in tradjedy but I am saddened the Philippines's reputation overseas has taken a dive again. It wasn't so long ago that they were celebrating a new beginning here. I hope they (the police) learn from this and that the rumours they had him fired because he was a "fall guy" prove unfounded.
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    How awful. It took them so long to gain ingress onto the bus--that must have been very costly.
  8. From when the driver got out I think it took about 1 - 1.5hrs.

    The above video was edited. It wasn't well planned at all considering the bus had been there foe 12 hours or so previously. Things like knowing how to gain entry on the bus (and I presume practicing?!) shouldn't have took as long as it did IMHO.
  9. President Nonoy's statement:

  10. A good Manila Bulletin Article saying he is shifting the blame and the agrieved hostage taker had a case:


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