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    One of my teachers, Bill Schettino, is coming out with a DVD series of his personal martial art. The first DVD is now available on the following URL:

    I posted this on another, smaller forum a while back after someone asked me for more information about Estacada:

    "Thanks for the opportunity to discuss one of my favorite martial arts and martial artists. Estacada is a form of internal boxing developed by William (Bill) Schettino. It has a boxing/Thai boxing framework, but the movements (punches, kicks, elbows, knees, etc.) are grounded upon the same kinds of internal body mechanics that you'd find in Xing Yi or Ba Gua, etc. In addition, it has a grappling (locks, throws, and destructions) and weapons curriculum that uses the exact same body mechanics, so that everything that is done in the system is basically an expression of the same set of principles.

    I consider Bill to be a "coach's coach" with respect to his ability to take any martial artist and help them to do what they already do at a significantly higher level. He teaches primarily one-on-one but will teach small group seminars if asked. Quite a few MMA fighters go to Bill for coaching and I know that several members of a national LEO contacted Bill for specialized training a few years ago, because they felt the empty hands training they had received was not adequate. Speaking solely for myself: I have a modest set of skills and yet Bill always makes me feel like a 220 pound hunk of wood as he chases me around the room doing his version of "push hands."

    Estacada-Kajukenbo is simply Estacada placed upon a Kajukenbo foundation. Bill spent several years in San Diego learning directly under Sijo Emperado; he kept the hard hitting, "monkey line," format, but uses Estacada principles to teach a series of 52 "sets" that comprise the basis of instruction up until Black Belt level. It's a profound expression of Kajukenbo very much in line with Sijo's original intention (and has received his enthusiastic endorsement).

    An immodest plug: Bill is coming out with a series of DVD's that provide an introduction to Estacada and Estacada-Kajukenbo. A word of caution is necessary: these will not your typical commercial DVD's that promise to turn you into a monster and include every "secret" technique under the sun. They are (and especially the first, introductory DVD) basic, fundamental descriptions of the body mechanics of the system. Most people will find them boring and will not "get them" - especially since most of the applications are performed at half-speed to emphasize the quality of the movements. But if you have a good eye and can appreciate integrity you can learn a lot from them. The first DVD should become available soon as it is in post-production - and I'll make another post when I know its status.

    It was Bill's misfortune (or fortune) to be born a 16th century man in the 20th century - but I figured that most of you on this forum will appreciate him."


    Steve Lamade

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