Blind Special Forces soldier is determined to serve.

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    Blind Special Forces soldier: determined to serve

    This is a driven man! The article in the paper included his picture (below, from another article). There's an earlier story on him here.

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    That is most definitely the definition of warriors.

    Living by chance, Loving by choice, Killing by profession.. (special forces motto)
    Semper Fidelis (always faithful, Marine Corps motto)
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    Special forces motto is actually : "De Oppressor Liber" or "To Free the Oppressed".

    Inspiring story to be sure...
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    Yes, I know that "De Oppressor Liber" is the OFFICIAL Special forces motto.. This one was one of the informal sayings back in the day.. De Oppressor Libre is what is on the crest that is worn on the patches and on the berets. SO Blah (G)
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