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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by maliksi77, Apr 10, 2014.

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    Just came across this little clip of a Rey Malonzo movie from the 1970s with instructors who were part of GM’s crew at the Arjuken in Quiapo playing bad guys: Pepe Yap (staff), Wille Madla (axes), and Rene Tongson (katana). Don’t know who the one with the nunchakus is…

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    A Follow Up

    Sorry, just dawned on me that those reading this thread may not be familiar with just who the people are on the video clip. Rey Malonzo was, with the late Ramon Zamora, one of the “Bruce Lees of the Philippines” in the 1970s. The “bad guys” mentioned were all Arjuken/IPMAF mainstays with GGM Presas from that era. Of course, GM Pepe Yap was a longtime IPMAF instructor and was always present at the summer camps. He has operated the Dragon Hall of Martial Arts in Los Banos, Laguna for more than 40 years. Willie Madla was GGM’s right hand man in the mid-‘70s to ‘80s and is said to have moved to the U.S. GM Rene Tongson broke off to another group. (The guy with the double sticks and his back to the camera may have been GM Jose Paman, who formed the Original Arjuken chapter in California in 1983 and wrote a lot about Kombatan; couldn’t tell for sure though). Maraming salamat po at kumusta sa lahat!
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    The one with the nunchaku looks like GGM's cousin, Eugene Amador.

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