Blades from the philippines!!

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  1. Waltyr

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    I recently came across a source on the web for some very nice blades. Definetly worth checking out. Some of you may know of this website, others may not. In anycase, have a look see!
  2. Buwaya

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    Some of their blade forms are off and I have it on good authority that on at least one occasion a customers sword snapped after a few exchanges with a different sword.

    However, they should be aplauded for using pandays actually from the Philippines. My hats off in that regard.
  3. Waltyr

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    I know that Kris Cutlery offers alot of good stuff as well ( I've purchased from Kris before and have found myself quite pleased.
    Does anyone know if CAS Iberia puts out good quality blades? I was looking at some of there work and I really haven't heard anything about these guys. Anyone have experience with them???
  4. Matawguro

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    The handle of the kampilan is inverted. The hook on the handle should be on the same side as the hook on the tip of the blade.
  5. Waltyr

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    I hadn't seen that before. Now that I look at it, it is upside down!! Somebody is not doing there job in quality control.
  6. Buwaya

    Buwaya Senior Member would notice that.
  7. lhommedieu

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    C.A.S Iberia Pinute

    See the following threads on

    Sword Forum International > Main Forums > General Discussion Forum > Ca Iberias Revised and Expanded Filipino Line

    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica]Sword Forum International > Swordsmanship Forums > SE Asian & Pacific Sword Arts > the Pinuti, anyone practice with this blade?[/FONT]


    Steve Lamade


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