Blade Use by Soldiers.

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    These are stories on knife, sword, or bayonet use by soldiers, but are not necessarily related to the FMA.

    Salvadoran soldiers praised for Iraq role

    An soldier from El Salvador uses a knife in combat. "In one of the only known instances of hand-to-hand combat in the Iraq conflict, Cpl. Toloza stabbed several attackers swarming around a comrade."

    War 'not over' in southern Iraq

    A 2004 story on the British actually using bayonets in the war in Iraq:

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    These and other stories were covered by the Canadian Press while I was in Canada a few weeks a go. I really like the Canadian Press. They give you the data, and not afraid to show some emotion, as in upset about a death or happy about someone living. They also have and deliver good natured stories about their troops in Iraq and Afganistan.
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    Cutting Cake With a Bayonet.

    At Dusty Outpost in Iraq, Cake Is Cut for Marines Young and Not So Young

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    Knife Fight in Iraq.

    U.S. Marine discharged over Iraqi soldier's death

    An older story on this;
    U.S. Investigating Marine in Iraqi Policeman’s Death

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    Afghanistan ambush.

    Turning Tables, U.S. Troops Ambush Taliban With Swift and Lethal Results

    Also, about the Maersk Alabama:
    Ship’s Crew Describes Ordeal of Pirate Attack

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    A single company of U.S. Marines is slugging it out with the Taliban in Afghanistan’s toughest ghost town. The battle shows how limited troop numbers have hurt the war—and why the U.S. is changing its strategy.


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