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    I was looking at the Sept. 2006 issue of Blade magazine recently. There was an interesting article on tomahawks and an article on balisongs by Charles Marlowe. Another article on a Spyderco knife that is sold only to troops in a combat zone stated that the company had donated 3500+ such knives.

    A brief article discussed something I have been looking for but hadn't seen: A knife with an integral flashlight. This one was the Tool Logic SL Pro. I'd like to play with one of those! Another article discussed "Gent's knives," ornate knives with attractive hand grip art for gentleman to carry when smartly dressed. They were described as serving a small but growing market.

    Two ads caught my eye. The first was a trench knife from Colin Cox Knives. It was interesting-looking, and reminded me of one of the first out-of-the-ordinary knives I ever saw, back in high school. The second was an external toggle assisted-opening knife from Kershaw Knives, the E.T. 1900/1900ST. The E.T.'s have a very unusual handle shape!
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    Blade Magazine (Oct. 2006).

    I was looking through the Oct. 2006 issue of Blade magazine not long ago. There was an editorial defending ad coverage and its interplay with content, in which the editor stated that his magazine has "more ads than any other knife magazine" (and is a virtual "knife catalog"). Is this a good thing? I'm not sure.

    One of the main articles was about the top knife innovations of the past 50 years. It was interesting to see that some design ideas are newer than I had realized!

    An ad for a blade called the California Cobra caught my eye. It looks intriguing!

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    OOH! Me likes!!!:medieval:

    Hmm… Says they've had requests for an AU trainer... that'd make the system much more attractive to me... especially since I was thinking of two full set-ups (four sheaths, two live blades, two AU trainers)...

    Personally, I like the "less than lethal" ability of the tool... and the fact that the stud is quite prominent... and totally separate from the blades' edge...

    Thank you for the links to the magazine also… as a newbie to blade “stuff”, it’s nice to have a resource like this to look though…

    Thanks again!


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    You're welcome! I was marking time in a bookstore while waiting on one of my kids and took some notes.

    I too consider the availability of a trainer to be quite important...all the more so with an unusual design like this.
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    Blade Magazine (Dec. 2006).

    Looks like I missed seeing the Nov. issue, but I did find the Dec. 2006 issue. I noticed an ad for the "World's Fastest Balisong" at Darrel Ralph (it has a bearing pivot) and for folding kerambits and a variety of interesting-looking knives Mantis Knives.

    There were also articles on new types of assisted-opening knives using novel mechanisms which I found intriguing, and an article on sharpening kits. Sharpening is something I know nothing about, unfortunately--I need to learn much more about how to take care of my blades.
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    I was looking through the Jan. 2008 issue of Blade magazine recently. There was an articleabout a $250,000 custom knife, a Delaware Bowie knife made by Bob Loveless some 50 years ago. Another article on the Begg knives company showed some folders with over-sized blades and discussed the importance of Internet fora for promotion (the knife-maker's wife posts in the fora).

    A fascinating article on knives and the law centered on the conviction of Randy Richards in VA for possession of a "spring knife" and some of the definitional issues there.

    New knife-maker Spencer Reiter's Hornet XL EDB looked interesting; designed as a skinner, it is mostly bought for self-defense. Young knife-maker Eric Elson started at 14 years old when inspired by Blade Magazine.

    Two ads that I made note of for later research were the survival staff from and the book on bayonet history from
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    I looked through the Feb. 2008 issue of Blade magazine at the bookstore. There was an article on Gil Hibben's Rambo IV blade, called the "J.R." (for John Rambo). A scene was filmed of Sylvester Stallone forging it. An article on Simonich knives discussed how Christine Simonich continues the company in memory of her late husband Rob Simonich. There was an interesting-looking "Deadwood Derringer" folder shown at BLADE Show West. A new blade from Spencer Reiter was briefly discussed and looked interesting.

    A fascinating article on knives and the law followed a case in which a liner-lock knife (that used the LinerLock by Michael Walker) was held to be a gravity knife, and hence illegal. This is highly recommended reading!
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    I was surprised to find in today's Indianapolis Star an ad for such knives by William Henry Studio, through Aronstam Fine Jewelers. Beautiful knives! They're being marketed as Father's Day gifts.
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    Ha! Wish my kids would have seen that ad!

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