Big-Boy Rattan!

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  1. heh heh.

    Well, it was either that or "The Brain Busters!".

    check it out:



    They weigh at least 350g / 12oz each!

    They are Palasan rattan with a diameter of 1" - 1.25" thickness.

    I have lots of pairs :) Cost with case + shipping = $29.99 for FMA Talk - worldwide.

    The price drops considerably for > 1 pair due to shipping discounts.

  2. Killbot

    Killbot Sereeus Biznus

    I went to your website to order 2 pairs of these. I was also going to get a set of 6 heavies (4/5"-1" 7oz.) The shipping is crazy expensive. Can you PM some details on how to get those costs down?
  3. I can reply here as it's a common question.

    Shipping is direct from the Philippines so is very expensive.

    However, I always take the "Total Cost" (cost + shipping) when setting prices. Also, I don't charge for carriage / packaging, etc, etc.

    For the USA the shipping costs are as follows:

    1kg = 685 pesos (about $15)
    2kg = 1146 pesos (about $24.99)
    3kg = 1607 pesos (about $34.99).

    After an extensive search Philpost is the cheapest and most reliable at 2 - 3 weeks to the USA via USPS. There is even a facility to track the items once they reach US customs on the USPS site.

    So, regarding the shipping the best thing you can do is to maximize the sticks per KG. The 2nd best thing is to be a member of FMA Talk and I'll knock 25% off the sub-total for you ;)

    Taking your order it would look like this:

    6 Heavy sticks + Large Bag = $33.98
    2 "Big Boys" + standard bag = $10.18

    Sub-total = $44.16

    FMA Talk Discount @ 25 % = $11.04

    Revised Sub-total = $33.12

    Shipping @ 3kg = $34.99

    Grand-total = $68.11

    When looking at the rattan market I see a pair of sticks going for about $15 each + shipping. Without the discount you still get 4 pairs of IMHO decent sticks + 2 cases + shipping for less than $80.

    So, the prices I work with I feel are very fair. Put simply, if the shipping was cheaper I'd charge you more money for the sticks. All I care about is the total cost, if you are happy with the sticks and that you will come back!

    To order this set just PM me your paypal email address for an invoice. You can always write me: and let me know the items you're interested in.

    Many thanks,

  4. Killbot

    Killbot Sereeus Biznus

    yeh, shipping is a bear...especially half-way across the planet. lol.

    I'll PM you my details. To me, its worth the extra $ to know what I'm getting. I get tired of ordering 10 sticks and they be 8 different diameters and all bendy and junk. Everything I've gotten from you has been great. (i usually go through ebay.)

    Thanks much!
  5. Thanks Killbot. Invoice has been sent ;)

    Yeah, it gets a bit tricky. Over on ebay the shipping is included in the price. On the website it's not to encourage multiple purchases.

    It's always cool for people to email me their requests and to get a quote etc.


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