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Discussion in 'FAQ' started by Arabian Knight, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Arabian Knight

    Arabian Knight New Member

    I am curious as to what everybody thinks is the best technique, notice I didn't say routine, for getting the best results from stretching?
  2. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    I depends on what you want to strech and why. To warm up the best thing to do is warm up with your normal techniques. All kinds of data and universities have shown that streching does not prevent injury, but warming up does. If you want to strech your legs, simply lie down and try and grab your toes with your leg locked out. Then, try and put you nose on your knee. Continue until you can and your legs will be able to kick anyone anywhere. Also, kicking straight legged in the air and slowly raising your kicks will increase your fexability as well. Again, don't do this until you have warmed up or you will pull something. Just remember that you will not be warmed up on the street so your flexibility will be what it is before you have warmed up and strechted.
  3. Arabian Knight

    Arabian Knight New Member

    Thank you for your input. There are various techniques being promoted now. Resistance stretching, stretching and holding it for 20 seconds, etc. I just wanted to know if anybody had discovered that one form or technique provided superior results. How often do you stretch per day?
  4. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    I really like the Hindu squats and pushups which are the same as two of the "Five Buddhs" exercises. They build muscle and joint flexibility as well as strenths, stamina and explositivity. Harimau Lankahs are a great way to go too. Build up to a combination of 500 per day.
  5. Shawn

    Shawn New Member

    Active stretching (ie actually doing the kick) will improve your active flexibility. Passive stretching (holding positions) will improve your passive stretch. My Savate instructor has great flexibility in his kicks and doesn't stretch at all, he "simply" does hundreds of kicks every day.

  6. PlumDragon

    PlumDragon New Member

    Permanent flexilibility increases (plastic flexibility) are impacted most greatly by performing smooth, long-duration flexibility exercises *after* your workout when muscle temperature is elevated and blood flow is abundant.
  7. adam t babb

    adam t babb New Member

    what is a hindu squat
  8. Arabian Knight

    Arabian Knight New Member

    What constitutes long duration? How many times per day? My brother practices this form of stretching as a long distance runner and gets good results but I still experience the rebound effect. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?
  9. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    It is really just a form of plyometrics or leapfrog. They look easy, but they really wear you out. There are many different versions too to hit the different parts of the muscles. Another great thing about workouts like these, are you need ZERO equipment. I don't think we give the our ancient ancestor enough credit for what they knew.

    Do fifty each of the Hindu squats, Hindu Jumpers and Hindu pushups and tell us how you feel in the morning. : )
  10. PlumDragon

    PlumDragon New Member

    20-30 seconds (although some elite athletes spend more) and 2-3 reps per muscle group. A full stretching regimen with this type of duration and repetitions per exercise would be executed once a day, maybe 3-4 times per week for very good results. You can easily spend 20 minutes hitting the major muscle groups of your body, so it does take up quite a bit of time.

    Youre not going to get the same benefit unless you do this type of stretching *after* you finish working out, while your muscles are warm. Pre-exercise stretching yields significantly less permanent (plastic) flexibility but significantly increases temporary (elastic) flexibility and reduces chances of cramping, injury, etc.

    If you are hitting a wall with your flexibility, consider talking with a personal trainer in your area that specializes in stretching techniques...

    ESKRIMADORA78 New Member

    Regular basic yoga positions works for me. Find what positions suits you and do what's comfortable. Only you know what your limitations are. Just don't push it; work up to your desired flexibility.

    When i did an Internal Chinese Martial Arts seminar, we were taught to repeat and hold a stretch for about 30 counts/ seconds.
  12. Pekiti & Bells

    Pekiti & Bells New Member

    z health, 4 high payoff drills if no time, if I have time, a full body session mobilizing every joint in 3-d (top bottom left right back front)
    It is voodoo

    uses movement to build better proprioceptive communication between the receptors in the body and the central nervous system

    you have to feel it, amazing
  13. adam t babb

    adam t babb New Member

    i can do 26 then i am sucking i got to get back in shape
  14. Pekiti & Bells

    Pekiti & Bells New Member

    it occured to me

    if you get a chance, check out a book titled "anatomy trains"
    then consider whether the muscles are tight or taught (rifism)

    the muscles in the back of the body(posterior chain) make us tall
    the muscles in the front make us fold up(anterior chain)
    if the back is tight, loosen the front and conversely front to back
    frankly, I would be interested in seeing any research that indicated that stretching benefits any skill practice, not just anecdotal stuff, but peer reviewed, controlled research

    my mind has been altered dramatically by the materials I have been exposed to through my education as a physical culture instructor

    even to the ma end of things

    pain is a limiting factor to learning
    tension is low grade pain

    skill practice is not the event

  15. Muad Dib

    Muad Dib New Member

    That's some of the most SOLID advice I've read on flexibility training in SOME time!

    Stretching cold isn't so good. From what I've been told and read (and experienced) it leads to weakening the connective tissues of the joints, leading to some hazardous instability!

    Stretching is crucial, but there's a lot that'd be hard to explain in a simple post, especially without pictures to show good form....etc.

    Some highlights on tips?
    1. Re-read Plum Dragon's post again!!! He said it WELL.
    *Smooth (no Jerking)
    *Long duration (Research shows that maintaining a good stretch for 30 seconds is just about right)
    *Only stretch AFTER a GOOD healthy warm up or PREFERABLY entirely after the main activity is Over.
    2. Be certain to BALANCE your stretching. If you stretch one side, stretch the other equally. If you stretch the 'front' then stretch the 'back'. If you stretch the top, stretch the bottom. OFF-Balance stretching is just as damaging to joints and connective tissues as COLD stretching!

    3. This isn't "Stretching"...but a big part of attaining and maintaining flexibility is in using a full Range Of Motion (ROM) in all resistance training!

    .....these are just the tips I could think of right now. By NO means complete.....
    Do research!!
    It's worth it.
  16. wtnyc

    wtnyc wtnyc

    See Bob Kurz's book for the details but I have found that active stretching first thing in the morning daily is best.
    Paul Matthews
  17. billc

    billc New Member

    The best way to stay flexible is to have your parents stretch your limbs everyday from the day you are born. That should keep you in great shape.
  18. LegendLoLo

    LegendLoLo New Member

    I just want to share my stretching regime.

    Flexibility is a great deal for me for i am a jiu jitsu practitioner.

    What i do is always! YES! ALWAYS! (If i have time) is to do Skip roping for atleast 30minutes a day or for a certain count that you can do or yet should surpass

    1.MIND OVER BODY - Yes. Preparation of the mind is a must if you want to do something "HEARTILY" specially practicing or doing a sort of exercise (THAT INCLUDES WARM UPS)

    2. WARMING UP - For a lot of Professionals Jogging before stretching is also a must for you must Switch on the BLOOD CIRCULATION AND HYPE UP THE MUSCLES for exercise

    3. STRETCHING - The profound word for hyping up or maintaining good muscle posture for further use.

    4.DIET - See the nearest nutritionist in your area

    What is this for?
    A. Less Injuries
    B. Good Health
    C. Proper Muscle Maintenance
    D. Body Coordination

  19. Camp Jansson

    Camp Jansson New Member

    My experience has been to use Bikram yoga. Just try it and you will simply know.

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