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Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by sjansen, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    What's the best knife under $50? Don't get preachy and say what's your life worth. Most people can't afford anything more than $50. So What do you think and what's your recommendation for the price?
  2. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    What are you looking for a fixed blade or folder? Blade length and type of carry information would be beneficial in knowing also..
  3. London

    London New Member

    Kershaw has some innovative quality folders in the sub 50.00 range. Spyderco used to, but most of them are in the 70 plus range these days.

    I posted a link to a youtube review of the Kershaw skyline in the LAMECO section today FYI
  4. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    I have handled a few kershaw blades and I found that they were too thin for my hands.. The slabs were too slippery even after working with them for a couple of weeks.. I even bit and bought the steven seagal kershaw with the shark skin textured handle.. For some reaon, Kershaw blades and I don't get along. I prefer something a little more substantive in my blade choices..

    I have never had any problem with the crkt models that I have bought over the years, for a good long time, I carried the Kaspar/Crawford folder and the companion for edc, but when CRKT took them off of the market, I retired the two Companions and my folder for nonspecific reasons (like I acquired a new Benchmade AFCK).

    The choice of a blade design is like a woman, sometimes you find one that you can get along with and develope a long relationship and other times, you just want to get rid of it because it doesn't suit your purposes .
  5. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Probably one from the CRKT line. However, it would depend as Bill stated on fixed or folding and what you wanted it to do!
  6. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    BOKER has some fine blades under both folding and fixed .
  7. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    I also like my CRKT M16, but unlike Bill, I was really comfortable with my Kershaw Vapor, until it has somehow this day I can't figure out whether I lost it or someone stole it :-(
  8. London

    London New Member

    a quick tour of Ebay for Spyderco prices and a pleasant surprise, the 'delica' model is around 35.00
    and the 'endura' for 54.00
  9. TuhonBill

    TuhonBill Member

    Best knives

    My wife must be right, I'm not normal. I routinely carry more than $100 worth of knives on me.




    Tuhon Bill McGrath
  10. London

    London New Member

    Tuhon Bill, great videos thank you. I'm also a fan of the Spyderco Manix. It has a very solid, almost massive feel to it.

    speaking of massive, do you actually carry the Rajah in pocket? it's intriguing but seems large for pocket carry.
  11. TuhonBill

    TuhonBill Member

    Cold Steel Rajah

    I've been carrying the Rajah in my pocket since this past winter, where it did a good job clearing the smaller branches from my road. It's nice to be able to reach into a pocket and get a tool rather than going to the car or garage for it. I did do one modification to make pocket carry easier though. The original clip is positioned to ride the knife too high for my taste. This metal clip will also abrade your hand if you're not wearing gloves while chopping. I took the clip off and put a piece of paracord though the lanyard hole and passed this through a .75 " ball adjustable cord lock. The knife goes in my pocket and the paracord goes between my belt and pants with the cord lock acting as a stop to keep the knife right at the height I want it at. Without this, the knife would be a boat anchor at the bottom of my pocket. The Rajah won't fit into dress pants pockets, but for the pants I wear (Wrangler Riggs when off duty or 511's when teaching), the Rajah fits fine.

    Since Spyderco doesn't make this size Manix anymore, I decided to put it away for my son when he comes of age and carry the Rajah as one of my EDC knives.


    Tuhon Bill McGrath
  12. knigthzone

    knigthzone New Member

    Is it you alone who did the modification of your pocket knife?
  13. neo

    neo New Member

    I recently picked up a Spyderco Endura 4 FFG and a SOG Aegis FFG spear point - $55 each on Love both, carry both, recommend both.
  14. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Spyderco Delica. Fantastic knife, the VG-10 steel holds its edge astoundingly well, and its 2 7/8" blade will keep you within the law in most places.

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