Benefits of Computers For The Martial Arts Industry - Part 3 of 3 By Bob Hubbard

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    Benefits of Computers For The Martial Arts Industry - Part 3 of 3 By Bob Hubbard

    Benefits of Computers For The Martial Arts Industry - Part 3 of 3
    By Bob Hubbard

    Shopping for Computer Training

    The last few years have seen an explosion in the number of training centers catering to both novices and experts. The options can seem overwhelming. Before spending the time and money on computer training, research your options. Here are several questions to ask and consider:

    #How big are the classes?
    Just as in martial arts training, smaller classes mean more personal attention from the instructor.

    # Are the computers up to date?
    All computers should be up to date running modern software. It does you little good to learn on old outdated equipment that won’t be much like the system in your school.

    # Do students have to share computers or does everyone get their own?
    Each student should have their own computer to work on. This allows you to do more hands on training, rather than watching someone else do the exercises.

    # Are the class times convenient?
    In order to learn, you need to be able to attend the classes. Many places offer day, night and weekend classes. The more flexibility they offer, the easier you can schedule the time to attend.

    #How long has the school been in business?
    Older schools will have established track records. Talk to other people, especially those in professional fields for recommendations.

    # What are the instructors credentials?
    Computer certifications are a dime a dozen today. There are however a few names that will hold credibility. Do the instructors hold certifications from Microsoft, Adobe or other makers of the software you want to learn? For example, if you are going to learn Microsoft Word, looking for someone holding a certification from Microsoft is a good idea.

    # Does this instructor regularly teach this class?
    Many training centers rotate instructors with each one teaching various topics. You want someone who regularly teaches the class you are interested in as their skills will be sharpest, and they will be most likely to be properly prepared.

    Some questions to ask:
    # Can you observe a class before enrolling?
    # What are all the fees involved?
    # Can you talk to existing students for their opinions?
    # How long will the classes run?

    Some other advice:
    # Don’t sign anything on your first visit.
    # Don’t make a hasty decision, even if they tell you that seats are limited and going fast.
    # Review all paperwork carefully before signing.
    # Be certain to get a receipt for all payments.

    With some planning and an investment of both time and money, computers and the flexibility and benefits they offer can be a great boon to your business, improving efficiency, cutting costs, and boosting your bottom line.


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