Beat the Crap Out of Cancer 2

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by robertlk808, May 25, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,
    We are starting to promote a fundraising event that will take place in October in several locations. The event is to raise money for the Cancer Society and will take place in Canada, California, Hawaii and Illinois. This is going to be an exciting event and would love it if people can spread the word, participate and donate to the cause.

    We at Hawaii have a facebook page and I'm sure the other locations will set up a page as well.
    You can donate to the cause straight from the page as well!

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    So while I wait for my brethren to decide on a date. A few detail about the Hawaii event and I'm sure the other guys will be similar.
    First of all I hope to have it run in Dog Brother-esque fashion, not I am not an official Dog Brother or do I represent the Dog Brothers. The event is NOT a tournament and it will not be run in tournament fashion i.e. winners, losers, and trophies. This is about getting together sparring people with you normally don't get to spar with. You show up, ask people to spar, get in line, wait your turn, do your thang for 2 minutes or more and then get back in line and do it all over again for a good cause.
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    I read the facebook page, and it said the Illinois thing was @ Normal, IL. Is it gonna happen @ ISU? Is there a main website for the all the locations the event is taking place? Or would i have to contact the venue it's happening at?
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    Something Clever,

    The Illinois event will be in Bloomington, Illinois.

    I am in the process of clarifying times and the date will be June 15.

    Let me know what type of questions you have.

    Terry Crutcher
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    date correction

    Something Clever,

    The Illinois event will be in Bloomington, Illinois.

    I am in the process of clarifying times and the date will be October 15th 2011.

    Let me know what type of questions you have.

    Terry Crutcher
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    An official website is in the works and from there you will be able to find out information about ALL the events. The United Kingdom \ London has been added and I believe there are some other locations that are interested in participating as well.

    It's not to late to get involved!! Leave a message and well make sure people in charge get back to you.

  8. This is the second year.

    Last year we had over 40 participants from various FMA backgrounds. Though no one was forced to, most fought within the DB structure and with minimal padding. We had it at FAC in Toronto and it was quite successful with over $8000 raised to help battle cancer.

    Like last year, Rene Cocolo and Tyler Morin are the lead organizers, but many more are right there because an event like this requires a lot of co-ordinated effort in a number of locations.

    I will be there again too, helping where I can help.

    Maybe some of you can make it too.

    Philip Gelinas
    PTK Canada
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    Official Promo

    Beat The Crap Out of Cancer started in Toronto, Canada. Founders Rene Cocolo & Tyler Morin's dream is to make this a global event. BTCOOC 2 will now be held in California, Hawaii, Illinois, The United Kingdom and Canada with more in the works. With your help we can join together and raise even more money for those in need.


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    What's the deal with donations? Is there a page? Do i raise it myself? Do i bring the people donating money? Could I please get the link to that website if/when its done?
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    A humble suggestion... I think Bloomington is in the middle of nowhere. Why don't you guys hold it in the Chicago area.
  12. robertlk808

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  13. Crutch

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    Little bad boy.

    Nice to hear from you.

    Do you plan on fighting this year?

    The Bloomington location was was chosen because thats where my school is and we have facilities to fight out of here. We are also 1/2 way between Chicago and St louis and Indy.

    WE still need folks on the planning comitees so WE NEED YOU. This is your chance to make a difference. Hopefully i hear from you and you get involved in this project.


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    Hey Crutch,
    Hopefully a JKD school from Missouri has contacted you, I posted the info at another forum and they seemed interested.

  15. Crutch

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    I would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual “Beat the Crap Out of Cancer” Event being held on Saturday Oct 15th 2011 to benefit Cancer research.

    This event started in Toronto Canada and has become a worldwide event, with locations in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Bloomington Illinois, Toronto Canada and The United Kingdom all on the same day.

    This event is for Weapons Fighters of all Martial Arts to get together and fight for a worthy cause.... As with most “Fund raising events” ,Each fighter is asked to get friends and family members to “sponsor the fighter” our recommended sponsorship levels are $5 per fight or $25 per day, but any amout will help and all funds raised will be greatly appreciated!. We encourage you as a fighter to get as many fights as you can to help battle this terrible disease.

    We are also recruiting Corporate Sponsors to help this “unique” event.

    Every fighter will be able to wear as little or as Much Protective gear as they feel comfortable with. Fighters may also elect to fight with Padded Weapons, or live rattan or hard wood weapons. Head gear is a MUST. This is NOT a Dog Brothers Gathering, but rather an event for the Martial Arts weapons community to get together and Spar against other weapons based martial artists and to test yourself and test your art. This is open to ALL Styles, …Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, Native American, Israeli, Indonesian, African and all other systems.

    Each Fighter will be receiving an Event T-shirt to wear when they fight to support the cause.

    Fighter Registration/ Sponsorship forms will be available on the web at​r begining on August 22nd or we can email the forms to you or send them through the post office.

    This year, the event will be held at Forest Park in Bloomington Illinois from 11:00am. to 3:00 pm.
    In the event of Rain the event will be held at the Lincoln Leisure Center in Bloomington, Illinois.
    Please don’t miss out on an opportunity to watch or participate in a terrific and unique event for a worthy cause.

    Each one of us has been affected directly or indirectly by Cancer. It’s time to stop standing on the side and Fight for those who battle this disease every day.

    WE Hope to see you at this event, and please take the time and pass this invitation on to your family and friends.

    Thank you,

    Dog/Sifu/Guro Terry Crutcher
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    Guro Terry, I just noticed that my post was kind of inappropriate. I apologize.

    I wish I could fight this year but I am not as fit as I should be anymore. I have not done any form of fitness regiment since I arrived here in the US. I am still trying to get used to the weather. As much as I would like to help, I do not have a group of my own yet to support me and I barely know anyone around yet.

    I wish the event all the luck. My father is a cancer survivor and I appreciate anti-cancer advocates and their works. Mabuhay kayo!
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    Good people

    Little bad boy.

    Consider this your invitation to come down here and train with us anytime, we will go and have a good meal after training. When your ready we are here for you to help you test your arnis.

    I am really sorry to hear about your father. It makes me sad to hear about your loss. i lost my grandfather to cancer and an Aunt Recently. Hope to train with you some day.

    Your friend in the arts,

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    Guro Terry, my father actually survived cancer. He had prostate cancer which also spread to his ribs. The Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China did wonders for us when the top hospitals in the Philippines already gave him a few months to live. They also charged A LOT less. I included a link to their website for your perusal. I am sorry to hear about your Grandfather and Aunt.

    After gaining 20 lbs since I have arrived in America, I have to shy away from good meals from now on! Haha! But, your invitation is an honor for me. And, it is the other way around... I hope to train with you some day.
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    Things are picking up with the Beat the Crap out of Cancer event. Just a little over a month away!!!

    I am hopeful that i will see a lot of you guys there.

    Here is the face book page for the midwest event

    Here is the home page for the midwest event

    Please share with your students, associates, training partners , families and friends.

    Please give me a call or email and i can fill in any details you need.


    Dog Terry
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