Beat Down Chow Down - Fist, Feet and Found Objects

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    A Full day of focused training including focus on the
    Tjimande silat Ddjurus-djurus, the interface of pukulan and
    panantukan, kicking as footwork and the use of found
    objects - pens, pencils, credit cards and belts as self defense
    This is the fun stuff that can keep your blood circulating in
    your body and not on the sidewalk.
    Join Guro Nate Defensor and Guru Joe ‘Mas’ Judt for a
    freewheeling, fun and information packed day of training.
    Join us freely and of your own will! Train with us, if you dare!

    Your tuition includes all the training AND a catered
    Fillipino lunch!
    Awesome food/awesome training, who could ask for
    more? Let’s usher in the spooky holiday with zombieready

    - We need an advance head count to order the FOOD!
    Contact Guro Nate: 847-239-3990 /
    Contact Guru Joe:

    When: October 28th 2012
    10:00 AM - 5:30PM
    Where: Fitzgerald’s Martial Arts
    1742 East 55th Street
    Chicago, IL 60615
    Why: Because it’s great training and great fun.
    How Much: $55 in advance.

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