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    Be Prepared!

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    By Michael Blackgrave ​

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    There is an axiom that I follow (expect the worst) and pass on to all my student's and to others who will listen. In a combat situation I always assume the following; ​
    1. He is bigger than me
    2. Faster than me
    3. Stronger than me
    4. He has more skill than me
    5. He is packing
    6. He is chemically imbalanced
    By following the axiom of expect the worst I never underestimate anyone, on the contrary I perceive everyone as a potential life ending threat and prepare myself in kind. Far too many times, have I seen people underestimate or take someone lightly due to many reasons and end up getting their asses handed to them in spades.

    Having worked as a bouncer in some very dangerous joints and also having worked security and body guarding certain individuals I have come to the conclusion that more people than one might realize has greenbelt ‘itis’. Greenbelt ‘itis’ is quite common, individuals who know just enough to do damage to another person with their mediocre skills and their screwy attitudes. This fueled by alcohol or meth, crack, skag, or God only knows what else is a dangerous concoction to be sure.

    The availability of weaponry also is a problem especially when the aforementioned individuals can easily obtain such tools of destruction. Here in South Texas we live in a blade culture. There is not a day that goes by where someone here in San Antonio isn't getting shanked into oblivion. It isn't uncommon to have family members go at it with blades or guns, and it is even more likely to be alcohol induced. We also have the influx of a huge gang population here, the Mexican mafia , Bandidos MC, Latin Kings, Bloods and now the dreaded MS-13, all are prevalent, not to mention every little peewee who plays wannabe (sometimes more dangerous than actual members) and all seem to favor blades.

    This problem is one that cannot be ignored. These individuals are skilled, they learn in prison, they learn from doing, hell half of these guys fight in the street daily so they are prepared for whatever. These types also have the rat pack mentality, they will come in sets to do their work. If they see something or someone they want to take out or rob etc. they are more than likely going to come in a wave and do their work, so it is imperative to teach your people mental awareness, physical awareness and definitely how to deal with multiples and how to use the environment to take care of themselves.

    To my guys I preach this till I am blue in the face. I try to make it simple direct and violent. I tell them that they should also learn the tactical usage of firearms as well as hardening their hearts when the s @# t hits. I also tell them to keep; in shape because there is nothing wrong with running... it is a tactical method that can work in your favor especially if being pursued by 3 or 4... String them out turn it into 3 or 4 one on ones as opposed to one setting of 4 on 1. ​

    In the end it is up to YOU to keep you and yours safe… I do not wait nor do I expect the police to get there and save my ass… in my city the average response time to a disturbance is 14 minutes, a lifetime if your ass is getting obliterated by some ding dong and his pack of A-Holes. Handle your business, don't look for it, but when it comes handle it in spades...NO quarter asked NONE given. Go ugly early and win!
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    Once again, you bring across some good points... However, are you sure about number 1? Bigger than you!?I guess you must have run across Shaquile O'Neal :))
  3. PG Michael B

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    Okay, you got me there...LOL
  4. pguinto

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    you sure you werent maybe referring to the size of the guy's head? :D

    once the shiznit gets heavy and since you can not know the other guy's intentions, you have but one decision to make; who is walking away... :\
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    Great writing Michael.I really enjoyed reading this post .Your students are lucky to have you as their martial arts teacher.
    Keep fighting the good fight.
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    Yup, I expect all of the above...bigger, packing a knife, more experienced at streetfighting, and drunk/drugged especially.


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