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  1. Sheung

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    Favourite weapons for JKD are nunchuka, Kali stick,great for co-ordination of hand and footwork speed of reaction etc. Baseball bat can you use it like an esgrima as offers no protection to you hands.

    An interception to the hands there is no guard that is that bit of metal you find on a sword to protect you hands from such attacks. Plus you swing back to get the power, not good is some intercept you swing with another baseball bat on your hands or sidestep and take your lead knee out. It is good for swing but there is not much thrust with a baseball bat, that is if you know how to thrust the bat to create an intercetion and use tactics such attack by drawing, PIA, ABC,drawing, and good footwork, cadence, timing, tempo. Then any attacker wish he knew the JKD baseball batt style. Economy of motion, short arc principle. Joe demagio would have been proud, so would others too in the hall of fame of JKD baseball bat usage.

    It has a weakness it is narrower nearer the hand so this is the place to intercept, or even beat the baseball bat, there is counter disengage, counter disengage, stop hit, in fact fencing strategies which anyone can add to his arsenal of baseball JKD fencing. With good footwork and strategies I think the JKD style baseball bat would be a formidable weapon.

    What team do you play for by the way JKD?

    What you find is that usually a weapon is used against the attacker, that is tactical usage of a weapon, like in JKD, esgrima has certain tactical but in bai jong with a baseball bat. Stepping slight outside may also give you boxing hip mechanics to swing that bat like a punch or thrust it to the ribs and legs.

    So if anyone decides to pad up and do the baseball bat JKD don,t forget to wear a fencing mask or head gear. Heavy padding on the skull.

    Nothing like it in any baseball game could be wrong.

    Don,t think baseball but a sword or short sword knees, wrist, nearest target to your weapon and with good footwork, I would not like to meet a good JKD style baseball bat player.

    Any kicks would be intercepted, punched in fact the best thing to do is use a weapons.

    As to finger jab this is too highly rated in JKD, he may also slip, bob and weave especially if the opponent is using any weapon the first thing to go is your finger jab the hand is not a very good open like that better use a extension like a small implement in the hand.

    Most JKD concept nearest weapon to target come to life with a weapon, nunchuka, kali sticks.

    Impliment projectile training any one while I Bat with full gear of course. Let,s train the JKD baseball style.

    Improves accuracy with interception and hitting the target that baseball batt good for footwork timing and cadence, tempo, broken rhythm.

    In fact everyhting you need in a duel, accuracy of shot with co-ordination eye and hand and footwork.

    The kali stick power method also whipping that baseball bat like a kali stick, hope no one use that in a baseball jkd match as on the head gear extra on the skull area, you get such a whack. That wrist strike takes on new meaning so never fear basebatt wielder train it for combat as JKD style of combat.

    Home run maybe or night night time.

    Counter disengage is like a heun sau in wing chun the opponent strike your weapon and you do a small circle to disengage the blade and you can also counter counter disengage and beat the blade and attack the wrist.

    You may also disarm the attacker baseball bat with such moves economy of motion and working some Fencing into your arsenal of baseball bat techinque,

    Samurai techinique forget it without a guard to protect your hands your wrist would be the first line of attact or the baseball bat itself with deflection and attack the hands.

    So there you go fencing with a baseball batt of course JKD has a unique way of doing that as the footwork is different from fencing, the boxing also give you other angles and that swing of that bat.

    Swing the bat the bat sparring with that must give a lot of bruises and injuries.

    Well you have to go to that base ball match after all and watch them swing and love those batt as they can really take the fear out of someone else using it, JKD baseball bat sure makes it a formibable weapon.
  2. Sheung

    Sheung New Member

    A small flick of the wrist and that wrist attack miss and beat the blade to intercept that attack. A minor disengagement of the blade and parry, sil di dar parry and strike at the same time.
    The fencing in JKD baseball bat Style.

    Wide stance, knees, interception the weapon is too far away from the body disarm easily. Compare Sheung JKD batting to this link.
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Where I study JKD we often use the stick--we did so this morning, in fact--but rarely something else that it might stand in for, like a baseball bat. But we've never used the nunchakus in JKD! It's always stick or knife.
  4. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    Wepons for JKD were not the
    primary for the art!Bruce did not teach nunchakas-baseball bat-3 section staff-sticks-ect!Sure we can defend against it!
    Sure it is niice to have some skills in wepons!Mind you this
    Bruce stated ( A bed of roses only yeild roses--you can not put in daisies-tulips-plums-violets ect & still have a bed of roses!
    1 has to drill its teachings accoring to the ways of styles!
    If x is JKD --- I can not drill silat jurs--long kahs & still call it jkd!
    That is silat!It is not a concept of silat --it is silat!
    If I drill the bonkow--sabat--punya--This is kali & only such!
    We can not see that blinded ways that have developed !
    We cling to these so we dont feel left out!
    JKD is very internal were as most the others are external!
    Dont be an iron bar whack & hurt out side only!A man on
    pcp will not be stopped!
    Be the chain with an iron ball & go wang & hurt inside!
    To penetrate is to show real power!The bat can not preveil
    over a stick with 3 iron balls & chains (mace) This dose far
    far more then a bat can!!!!
  5. The Boss

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    What the hell are you smoking?:kicknuts:
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Perhaps we should refocus this on the FMA within JKD. What FMA weapons are typically seen in JKD? I've only seen the stick and knife used by JKD instructors as part of their JKD teachings.
  7. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    That could take you deep into the barong-kriss-kalis-bonkow-sabat-
    gunog-kampalan-gayang-janap-banjapinsavala-suswat-laring-punal-pira-utak-panabas-bangkon-binakoko-lahot-kangbantuli-balisong-sankil-capa capa-patul-balisagong to name a few of the well over 300 toys to play with as a Arnis-kali-silat-kuntao player!
    Each wepon has its place & time!Most were named after the founder!
    Some have the blade sharp on the bottom for a down ward cut--some sharp on top-some on both sides!
    Some blades have points for thrust-some more like can operners for
    opening armor!Some have short blades -some lnog-some held in
    with dry blood--some had more of a beer can out side (as metal
    are hard to come by!)Depending on the attack arena of combat
    is how well & which wepon may be best used then!Some suport
    Wepons with taming or the karasak!

  8. Sheung

    Sheung New Member

    The stick and knive develops good attributes the nunchuka good for left hand if you are right handed to develop accuracy and co-ordination.

    The knive also and sticks, if someone thinks that these attributes are not jkd then they are mistaken.

    Reaction timing speed, cadence, in fact if some does not train with weapons it is a whole missing attributes to his jkd.

    As to baseball bat there are practical things to think of needs a lot of padding head especially also hands and maybe even some padding upon the bats to achieve a high level of weapons based attributes.

    The long pole also is a good weapon to work some attributes into weapons work, in weapons work is well worth every time spend upon it, defending against a skilled stick fighter without a stick or weapon is not as easy as some disarm video show.

    Pitty some don,t really know the attributes and speed that is develop also the striking power. Is it jkd well that up to the practioner to make it so.
  9. Sheung

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    When you are smoking better be in heaven as hell a bit too hot there, heaven leave that your imagination.

    Smoking, cooking on a roll, get the drift, don,t whiff that and go in the wrong direction hell, follow that imagination to heaven.
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    Where i train, we learn everything under the 12 areas of lacoste/inosanto kali, not to say that we HAVE learned everything but we are progressing weapon by weapon, so really atleast one of the weapons that falls under the major catagories - stick, various swords - knife- sarong - staff -pocket stick. Yet to see any sort of projectile weapon yet or thrown weapon but have been told we will move on to them.

    DAMAG-INC New Member

    Right on. someone needs to cut down on the contraband while they're typing.

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