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Discussion in 'General' started by kabaroan, Oct 28, 2007.

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    I grew up in So Cal and had attended barrio fiestas there where family and friends maintained the traditions of home. I recall the sights, sounds, smells and tastes. :) I remember the manongs and manangs playing music in the rondalla...the dances...and of course, the food and games!

    One thing that I don't recall seeing often was an FMA demonstration of any sort. My parents were both from Pampanga...San Fernando and Macabebe. I know that sinawali is the native style of the Pampaguenos.

    Recently, in a Kabaroan (which is Illocano) workshop, GM Estalilla was watching the demostration team practice for an upcoming demonstration, today, infact. Anyways, he taught us that there used to be a prechoreographed salutation performed between the sinawali practioners to commemorate the victory of the Christians over the Muslims long ago...needless to say, the Muslims were not happy with that part of the demo. I should add that GM Estalilla grew up in the Mindinao (Cotobato, I believe).

    As demonstrated it was a side step so that opposing players were offline, forward stepping with sinawali movements, and a back skipping/sliding step in reverse (still facing forward) with sinawali movements then a step back online and the demonstration.

    Is anyone familiar with this? As I said, in our bario fiestas, I never got to see FMA...(which my parents refer to as arnis as they were from Luzon). I like to think that many of my parents' compadres and comadres thought the art to be too deadly and used only for self defense to show publicly.
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    I think I recognize this, but without seeing it it's hard to say.

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