Balitok Eskrima?

Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by arnisador, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. arnisador

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    I saw this link to a clip on Balitok Eskrima on MartialTalk. It was billed as a Balintawak clip. Although it is pretty close-in, it doesn't really look like Balintawak to me, and some have suggested that indeed it is a different system. But, I have never heard of the style of Balitok. A glossary gives it as "tumble" and this site discusses an origin of it. Other sites confirm the [SIZE=-1]Abner Pasa/Balitok connection. Does it have any relation to Balintawak, or was that just an error?

  2. Rich Parsons

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    If one lived and trained in Cebu then it would be hard not to have run into a practitioner of Balintawak or Doces Pares.

    So there could be a connection. I just do not know if there is one or not.
  3. oosh

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  4. Rocky

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    wow that was a really cool clip. GM Pasa (sp) looks to very knowledgeable it would be nice to see him in the States.

  5. arnisador

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    Agreed! It'd be nice to learn more about the style.
  6. langgaw

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    Abner Pasa is a practitioner in Cebu. He is familiar with the Balintqawak and the Doce pares groups. He is quite a character. He was aggressive and promotional when he was young but has since mellowed as he matured. His balitok style uses simple principles and basic. He emphasizes on its application and timing .....and that gives it specialty. I saw him last during the burial of GM whose system they would not dare play with. He was hospitalized for a while and has completely recovered and is again actively running hsi school. Maayong laki Abner. Stay well.
  7. arnisador

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    Is Balitok derived from Balintawak and the Doce pares, then?
  8. lhommedieu

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    Abner Pasa

    I think it's fair to say that he studied with a host of people and made his art his own. The three flywheel combination in the sparring sequence is something you might see in Momoy Canete's art and quite possibly in Yoling Canete's largo mano as well. The use of the whip and throwing weapons as training devices to build attributes is something that Momoy advocated as well.


    Steve Lamade
  9. arnisador

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    Ah, OK! I know Sayoc Kali takes a similar view with regard to the whip especially.

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