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Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by pguinto, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    My friend picked up this balisong for $155 from Ron. I've played with it and cut both my forefingers at least twice each. While juggling, I keep thinking the faux serrating is the edged side so i've nonchalantly flipped the razor sharp edge into my forefingers; talk about deep paper cuts. Despite that, i still really like it, its got decent heft, feels good, and is well balanced.

    Ive never owned a quality viente nueve, only cheapy ones, but better than flea market quality, which i picked up in the early 80s before becoming illegal. So ive decided to do a little shopping myself and im thinking of picking up this Benchmade balisong (formerly Pacific Cutlery formerly Balisong USA), which is marked down to $189 at ($280, direct from Benchmade). Does anyone have any experience, thoughts, concerns?
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  2. rshawtx

    rshawtx New Member

    Benchmade Balisong

    I own a Benchmade balisong that I bought from They go pretty quick well not only because of the novelty but because they are well-made. The weight on them is good and it's well balanced. They come really sharp and since it's been a while since I've played with one, I forgot which handle to hold and cut up knunckle pretty much like you experienced with this one.

    I splurged and bought it for the purpose of practicing and show-and-tell item about life in the Philippines. But the practical side of me bit hard and I realized that I can't even carry it... so now I have an expensive paper weight/dust collector. I have since seen cheaper ones that would have sufficed the itch I had. These are just my personal thoughts though. Still if money is no object, I'd encourage you to get one. They are more expensive than Ron's though. Speaking of which, I am sure Ron has some other Balisongs that won't deceive the user as to their edge.
  3. KaliGman

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    Looks like a Benchmade 42. That is not a bad price. You can buy this blade, play with it, and, if you decide you don't like it, sell it for about what you have into it, if you don't beat the crap out of it. Benchmade balisongs are good quality knives that have a good following amongst collectors and users of balisongs. If you are going to primarily play with it, I would suggest a trainer--Benchmade makes a good one and you can find it at or other sites--usually a little cheaper than the live blade.
  4. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    balisong trainer? shame, shame, shame on you. what kind of flip u think i am? i may be a little rusty but i used to play with balisongs when i was a teen.
    let's say i used to twirl the darn things around my finger. and had enuff confidence to snap them 2-3 feet above my head and catch it open and then again closed.

    besides ive seen the really good and balanced trainers, and they seem to cost between $100-$200; bunk that noise... if im gonna spend more than 50 bones on a blade, its gonna be a decent live one, which is why i chose the $150-$350 price point. if need be maybe a little tape on the back 1.5-2 inches of the live side will suffice until i gain full proficiency back and it loosens up. balisong trainer...harumph!!! that makes me giggle :D :D :D

    i was just wondering if anyone had exp with the BM 42, 43, or 46 (etc), enough to comment on the quality of the blade, handle, balance, pins, etc.
    does anyone else concur with kalig's and rshaw's comment on the quality of the model? i really like the pretty etched butterfly; jok jok lang :D

    btw thx for the link, the bm42 is slightly cheaper at this site
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  5. greg808

    greg808 PSDE Main Branch

    how can you justify a $150 balisong. do the skilled must have a perfectly balanced balisong???? Just me but I think there are better style blades that i can spend that much money for than a plain balisong...
  6. zelbone

    zelbone Guest

    OUCH!...and I'm not talking about your cuts!

    $155 seems a bit pricey for a basic looking balisong from the Philippines....but I guess it's cheaper than flying there, then going to Batangas, and then getting a similar one for around 300Php (~40Php=$1). And I'm not sure if even that one is a bearing...which are the most desirable. There's a wide variety of balisongs available in Batangas in every size and shape and quality. Most are inexpesive and made to be "disposable" after use.

    As for the Benchmade BM42, I have the older circa '90's version with the steel handle and not the newer titanium handle. I think they started making the steel handle ones again if I'm not mistaken. The titanium handle ones seem too light and not as dynamic as the steel handle versions. Otherwise the quality is definately high on all the Benchmade balisongs. I noticed the newer ones have torx screws for pins but the older models have hidden pins. Also they have an option for the latch where you can get a traditional latch or the auto latch which opens automatically when you squeeze the handles together. Personally, I prefer the traditional latch. The BM42 is definately a nice balisong...I also have a shorter BM30(?) which I like as well.

    Don't get me wrong though. I'm not knocking the the Philippine made balisongs. In fact the best balisong I have is a special "Fiesta" model balisong made in Taal. Its a biggger, longer, and heavier balisong compared to the BM42, but the quality is just as good or even better. It's much nicer than my Benchmades and even my Microtech. But then again I may be partial since I'm a Batangueno. And I only spent 1000Php to have it made.
  7. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    i couldnt pick up a BalisongUSA blade in the 80's when they were cheap cuz i was only a teen and didnt have any money, my allowance was gone as soon as i got it. so i had to settle for the $12 cheapie. well now that i could afford a real one, they seem to have gone up in price since mediocre quality ones are no longer commonplace.

    moreover if people can afford to buy certain items that they deem to be luxury items, that is their prerogative. dont tell me, greg, that you've never purchased a luxury item in your life. lemme turn the tables, why do people buy harleys when they could buy better bikes (or transport) for the money? plain or not, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. trust me, i would prefer that benchmade balisongs go for $50, but it is what it is; especially for a 1 time purchase. besides ever since the late 70s, i've always wanted one of the "butterfly" etched blades, so dont rain on my parade now that i could afford to buy one with my money. and when im done with it, it'll make a nice wall hanger or paperweight. :D

    as for balance, not a must have, but definitely feels much better. if balance is not a concern, why do manufacturers of quality items even bother. silly question imho.

    oh and kalig thx for the link, they have the bm42 for $30 cheaper. its $159, thats even better as i was prepared to pay $189.
  8. rshawtx

    rshawtx New Member

    scalloped handles

    I failed to mention that the feel of the scalloped handles are pretty good in the hands. You can use it closed in the palm (i.e. masarap ipa-laman sa kama-o) like a short stick.

    The whole knife swings pretty well (i.e. they don't need any loosening as they come out of the box that way.)

    My model had the serrated edge... which I am not sure they are coming out with any longer.

    I have never held the older steel handled ones, but I like the weight of the titanium ones that I have. The "lightness" just makes it quicker to wield.
  9. KaliGman

    KaliGman Professional Man at Arms

    I have a few live blade balis and a couple of trainers. Since I spar with my students with balis, for me a trainer makes a lot of sense. They hardly ever come back to train when you cut their tendons:EvilGrin:. I have many more live blades than I do trainers, but I have quite a few folding and fixed blade trainers, including balisongs and karambits, for partner drills, sparring, etc.
  10. KaliGman

    KaliGman Professional Man at Arms

    Expensive Balis

    Benchmades have good balance. If you really want to talk stupid money for a balisong, check out a Korth--$500 will get you started. In case anyone is wondering, I have some expensive blades, but not a $500 bali--I'm not that big of a balisong fan. As for the price of some of my other stuff and how much of it I have--I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself--and my wife could check out this forum:).
  11. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    rs, im familiar with the scalloped handled balisongs. when i was in hs, some friends had ones with scalloped handles, they would come to me to teach them basic opening/closing techs.

    i got knife trainers from scubamatt for sparring. besides in combat im pretty sure i wouldnt juggle a balisong, just snap it open and SCHWANKA the sucker.

    kg, talk about stupid prices, i saw a real nice one with a damascus blade, mother of pearl inlays on the handles, and a white gold latch for around $2000. now that is exorbitant. those are better when received as a gift ;) truth be told, i think $200 for a balisong is expensive but it's a one time thing so what the hell. i ordered the bm42 early this morning.

    if you're gonna buy something, do the research, spend a decent amount, and buy once. a lot of people always try to get away with spending less and buying poorer quality items. they always get burned by the crap and wind up spending on better quality later. in the long run they spent more. sometimes it pays not to skimp from the get go.
  12. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    After years of handling the original balisongs from the Philippines, I went and tried the BM 42 with the following comments.. It was too light for one. The titanium metal used made it too light to get any real action with for my liking.. I had a boat load of the original Benchmade Balis over the year and still have one or two around the house, (if I can find where the wife hid them).. Those were the next best thing that I handled next to the originals.. But I still prefer the older balisongs from the Philippines due to the ease of repair as needed.. I have a couple with a kris shaped blade, a double sided blade and a vientueneve that I picked up in batangas back when I was doing the kwai chaing kain thing with my instructor and visiting other schools in the 70s/80s.. I am going to be going to the Philippines in July and going to see if I can find Nilo Limpin who is from the same province where I do most of my training as he also has/had a store inwhich he had custom balis along with other toys from the province.. I might even get a chance to visit the batangas area and see if I can pick up a couple of balis down there for my collection..
  13. Bill Bednarick

    Bill Bednarick Junior Member

    Lots of "Old School" people hate the BM42 but I like it. I also like my BM43 bowie bladed model (with Ti handles) and the BM31 (Ti handles 3 inch blade).

    I do agree they have a vastly different balance than the older stuff and while I still love the balis I have from the 80's it's nice to be able to flip the new knives without needing to do repairs.

    Nothing however will replace my big Golden Dragon. It's like the one on the bottom.
  14. BoyTaga

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    anybody has experience with the Terry Guinn/EDC Ring Fighter Balisongs?
    they look amazingly sexy, almost like what a balisong and karambit would produce if they get it on in the bed HAHAHA! but the ring is a concern. if anyone has seen GT Gaje's seminar on disarming projectile weapons (esp. guns), i think you would know what i mean.
    any similar (read: cheaper alternative) balisongs out there? i'm thinking of having one custom made if I could find a good panday.

    this one seems to grab my attention as well (check the balisong at the bottom)
    New for 2009 - Goblin Balisong as the website states
  15. BoyTaga

    BoyTaga New Member

  16. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Do they close completely?

    Oh, that's beautiful!

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