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    I extracted this excelent Post from a different threat since I thought it is worth more attention.

    This is actually the first time I ve seen the Use of Punta y Daga in Balintawak; since it is a rare thing, I was hoping to be able to start a Discussion on this Subject...

    Who out there is (still) training, teaching or learning the Use of Punta y Daga in Balintawak?

    How does it fit into your regular Stick to Stick Play?
    Maybe any Coments on training Methods? Principals? Concepts?

    Looking forward to a great Discussion!

    To Start with:

    Then most of us probably read about Anciong Bacon having used the Knife (in a Punta y Daga way) during his early Days of Training as well.

    One more post on the Usage of the Knife while in Stickfighting is extracted from y Post by GM Bobby Taboada:

    And one More by his Student, Robert Klampfer:

    Collecting from other Sources, I found the following that was said by GM Moncal:

    I am not sure if the Punty y Daga is still taught in the Monca Lineages, at least there is little Mention of it on their website...

    Also, I ve read on a german Forum that the "Atillo Balintawak" still teaches the PyD - though I have not seen how its done...

    Though there is some stuff about "Unarmed Balintawak vs Knife and "Balintawak Knife vs Knife" out there, the Subject of Punta y Daga is mentiond often but Information on what it looks like, how its beeing (or used to be) trained etc is very rare (so thanks a million again for the Videos above!!!)...

    Hope there are some of you out there who can fill this Gap! :)

    Thanks a lot!

    Greetings from Germany,

    Philipp "Mono" Wolf
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    Thanks a lot for posting those videos, Mono. For whatever reason, I had not come across them before. I am continually impressed by the breadth of Balintawak and am often introduced to some aspect or element of it that I was unaware of before. The stick and knife together, as an aspect of Balintawak, is a perfect example.

    The video samples that you shared showed only defensive responses to Punta y daga. I didn't notice any instances in which both "players" were using punta y daga. Have you noticed any of these?

    The little Espada y Daga that I have done in the past didn't really compliment my training or overall development, because it was rather abstract and inconsistent with my training; it just didn't fit in with the system I was learning. To see this as a part of Balintawak is very encouraging because it means that it might be able to fit into my development more fluidly.

    How else can or does punta y daga fit into the regular Balintawak training?
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    Yes, I've heard the stories often but never seen the techniques!
  4. yomitche

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    Sorry... I didn't realize some of these links were originally posted by member "Teoval's Balintawak." Thank you and I hope I have properly credited those who have contributed to this thread of information.
  5. Mono

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    I was just going to Correct this ;)

    As I wrote in the opening Threat, those Videos, postet by user "Teovel's Balintawak", showed something I had read a lot about but never seen "in Action" before.

    So I figuered its time to explore some of the Punta y Daga / Espada y Daga of Balintawak.
    For one to see how they fit into the Balintawak Methods and Training and also, to compare them to what I have seen and prcticed in Espada y Daga from other Systems such as Modern Arnis, Abanico Tres Puntas, Pekiti Tirsia or Inosanto Kali for ex.

    Looking forward to more people to contribute!

  6. Mono

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    Just realized that there is another Balintawak Video, showing some Punta y Daga (from CEM Group Cebu):

    Starting at appx 1:04

    Thought I d share it to add to the little Visual Information that there is on this Topic so far...


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    Good clip! Thanks for posting the link.

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