Balintawak Instructors near Albany NY

Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by scubastee, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. scubastee

    scubastee New Member

    Are there any Balintawak instructors near Albany NY? I tried to get a hold of Bob Sullen but his webpage is down and his phone # is no longer in service. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Christian

    Christian New Member

  3. scubastee

    scubastee New Member

    Does Zack Taco have a school or is he teaching from his home? Anyway I'll try to get his information. Thanks for the help.
  4. Christian

    Christian New Member

    Sorry, I just don´t know.

    A friend of mine visited him and also did the interview. You can contact him via this article.

  5. guillermo taboada

    guillermo taboada New Member

    There Is A Quailified Instructor Om Mine, Ray New York. Tell Him That I Told You.
    Telephone Number.. 347-689-4158, Good Luck.

    Gm Bobby Taboada
  6. scubastee

    scubastee New Member

    Thank you very much for his contact information GM Taboada!:biggrinboI will try to contact Ray sometime today.

    Thanks again
  7. teovel'sBalintawak

    teovel'sBalintawak New Member


    I'm from Providence,Rhode Island and I teach Balintawak too. You have options where to workout. You can go to New York where Master Zack Taco and Ray Assucion are or you can come here in Providence. You can ask Ray Assucion about me he knows me. You are always welcome to who ever you want to train with.

    Best Regards
  8. teovel'sBalintawak

    teovel'sBalintawak New Member

    Master Zack dont have a school he only teaches at home. You can reach him at this number 13475437433.


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