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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by IBEG, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Feeler Killer - Meet my friend PAIN

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    i am about to begin training in balintawak this new year here in florida usa under a fellow who is now an instructor under gm taboada. im looking forward to it. balintawak is such a dynamic fma art and i am surprised that there arent any books devoted to the art and very few training videos. ive got the video by nick elizar and am working on getting the videos by gm atilla and master virgil cavada as well. ive not been able to find gm taboada's videos for sale anywhere. there was a site offering them but it is gone now. apparently it was a site that was not affiliated with gm taboada. any idea on how or where to get those videos now?
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    DVD Series

    Hi Kevin. Please do not attempt to buy from the non affiliated site, in the past I know of a few guys that have tried to purchase from there and have never received the DVD's.

    Gm Bobby no longer sells the DVD series, occasionally you might come across a set on Ebay.

    You can email him direct to see if he has any plans on a new series of DVD's, let me know if you need his email and I can PM you
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    ok. thank you for letting me know. its back up again. apparently they paid their dues for the purchase of the site. ive been looking everywhere but have to email gm bobby on facebook. like i said, ive found other videos. sadly, it seems that there is too much nonsense and drama going on in the martial arts world. i love to learn. because of that i have never placed myself too long under any one instructor. im sure i could have gained much more rank over the years but i dont train and study for rank. i do it for knowledge and experience. ive been on other forums besides this one and have left them disgusted by the way so many so called high ranking and prominent people treated each other. i wont give any names. all i can say is that these people need to get over themselves and quit the infighting in martial arts. leave the fighting for the ring or the streets. lol. ill check with gm bobby to see if he sells them. ill also ask adam, the fellow i am going to train with, if he has a copy i could watch. thanks for the reply! your videos are great. ive been filling my facebook pages with youtube videos of balintawak and eskrima in general.
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    Thanks for your kind comments Kevin. If I may speak of one thing to you it would be "more is less". Find a good instructor, one that is willing to openly share, is honest and recognizes that respect is a two way street. Then you will have great training and great friendship.

    More styles is more complication, when we get older we want less complication in life. Look for what is the same not what is different, then it becomes simple.

    Have a great festive holiday and my best wishes to you for 2015 especially in your search for Balintawak.



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