Balintawak in Richmond, VA area?

Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by MattCarter, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. MattCarter

    MattCarter New Member

    Does anyone know of anyone practicing Balintawak Eskrima in the Richmond, VA area? In the FMA Digest Special Issue Taboda world Camp 08' there was someone on page 7 with a Balintawak Eskrima Cuentada Richmond, Va shirt on and a Jemar Carcellor mentioned but cannot find anything else!

    Thank You,
    Matt Carter
  2. guillermo taboada

    guillermo taboada New Member

    hello mr matt carter,

    jemar carcellar cell number is 1804- 714- 5746 and welcome to balintawak community.

    Gm bobby taboada
  3. MattCarter

    MattCarter New Member

    Thank You Very much GM Tabaoda!

  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Is this working out for you?
  5. MattCarter

    MattCarter New Member

    I have as yet to reach Mr. Carcellar. But I have talked to someone else that has just started training with him. I am still working on trying to reach him. Thank You.

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