Balintawak Europe Weapons Diary Dates 2010:

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    Weapons Training Diary Dates 2010:
    Within the Balintawak Europe Spectrum for this year:
    Balintawak Europe Events Team will be attending Workshop/Seminars throughout Europe:
    Austria (Second Quarter) Dates
    Germany (Third Quarter) Dates
    Italy (8th/9th May 2010) Dates
    Lithuiania (Third Quarter)...TBC
    Poland (Third Quarter)...TBC
    Spain (Second Quarter) Dates
    Switzerland (26/27 Feb 2010)

    Please Note: Subject to change due to UK commitments.

    This Years Intinery will concentrate on the "Instructors Courses" throughout the coming 12-18 months:
    All Workshops and Camps will have 3 Fully Qualified Instructors,
    along with Fight Team Co-Ordinators, Area Instructors & European Instructors.
    Instructors Workshops Prelimary Events Calender.
    Febuary 2010 Instructors Workshop
    April 2010 Instructors Workshop
    June 2010 Instructors Workshop
    August 2010 Instructors Workshop
    October 2010 Instructors Workshop:

    August 2010 New Summer Boot Camp:
    This years Boot Camp will be held in Sunny Devon UK...TBC
    This will cover:
    Balintawak Fundamentals (Instructor Workshops)
    Balintawak Combat (BAFTA Fight Team)

    This year will also feature Workshops from other styles (Combat Related)
    From the Top Practioners/Masters in their own Martial Arts: Featuring
    Groundwork (with & without weapons):
    Edged Weapons: Training the Fight:

    "The Designated Charity for this year is the Devon Air Ambulance"
    [Remember there is also the beautiful Devon location to explore and enjoy]

    ''Boot Camp will be sorted around end of March 2010''

    New to this Year B.A.F.T.A
    Balintawak Arnis Fighters Training Academy...
    Launched Jan 2010 at Libertys Gym, Nottingham
    This is a Hardcore Gym that boasts UFC champs and
    Carl Froch (Boxer) as its members.

    Latest News
    January 7th 2010 Balintawak Austria visit UK (Daniel & Alex)
    January 23rd 2010 Balintawak Switzerland Visit UK (Patric & Muay Thai Team)
    Febuary 1st 2010 Balintawak Germany visit UK

    We look forward to seeing all our old and new friends in the near future
    Balintawak Europe Events Team would like to wish all a Happy New Year
    For more Information please contact below:

    Email: info@balintawak.euThis
    Skype: balintawakuk
    You Tube: balinuk

    Switzerland is now
    26th & 27th February 2010
    All the UK Guys wanting to attend please contact Richard or Myself

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    Sounds great, let me know when your in Devon and I will see if I can pop by and say hello as I live in devon anyway.

    Be good to see you guys

    Best regards

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    That's a lot of activity! It's great!

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