Balintawak "Blade Work"

Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by Goatlemon, May 4, 2007.

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    Goatlemon, I don't think we have ever met, except via Wayne, your Corral Arnis instructor. Since I taught him, perhaps I can offer a comment on that knife opinion?

    First of all it is extremely difficult for any of us to defend against a determined assailant, armed with a knife and MOST importantly the will to kill us with it. It takes no training whatsoever to kill with a knife, but it does take a lot of intent.

    I would presume, knowing Wayne is a very humble (yet capable) instructor that his point was not to suggest Corral Arnis techniques, knife or otherwise, are superior to any other styles'. I would never make that assertion. Some styles may teach a method the individual finds better for them than another style but it is all pretty academic. It is always in the hands of the practitioner that a style becomes either of value or worthless. Techniques by themselves are just patterns of movement.

    When I lived in the Philippines I saw quite a few affrays or the aftermath, usually at the cockpit, KTV bar or jeepney terminal. Many included knives and none displayed what I would consider FMA techniques. However they were all, without exception, extremely fast, furious and oblivious to the consequences or else it was all just show and soon dissolved into a shouting match.

    As for Balintawak's use of the stick etc, each style and each instructor of that style has their own interpretation. What might appear to a casual observer as this or that might be nothing of the sort in the mind of the instructor.

    It might interest you that I no longer teach the stick as a blade and the blade using a stick. Pick up a stick and attack someone with it. Now pick up a knife or bolo and attack someone. They feel different, don;t they? There are similarities but a stick is a stick, a blade a blade. I do still believe that you should arm yourself if you can and that once you learn how to fight you can ADAPT that knowledge to any weapon. But that doesn't mean they can all be trained with a stick to any degree of ability other than a basic appreciation. Drive a car then drive a truck, same basic skils yet different, di ba?

    I have only ever seen Balintawak used at very close range where it appears to be very fast and clever. I have also never seen someone from another style spar a Balintawak stylist, which would be interesting. I would be keen to see a mid to longer range bout as I presume Balintawak is not just close in? Cheers, Perry

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