Balintawak Arnis-Eskrima Seminar with Grandmaster Crispulo “Ising” Atillo

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  1. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    Balintawak Arnis-Eskrima Seminar

    Grandmaster Crispulo “Ising” Atillo

    Saturday March 22, 2008
    120-C Main Avenue, Sacramento, California 95838
    Time - 11:00am – 5:00pm

    Cost - $65 (at the door) $50.00 pre paid by 03/15 (PayPal –

    Sticks & training daggers may be purchased on location,
    For more information please contact the following:
    Nilo Baron – (916) 803.8157 or Mike McKenzie – (916) 835.1268

    Email Grandmaster Atillo -
    (1st Generation Balintawak and 4 time Death Match Participant!)

    Atillo Balintawak is a powerful Filipino martial art developed by
    Grandmaster Crispulo "Ising" Atillo based on the style of the legendary
    Grandmaster Doring Saavedra.

    This art focuses on stick fighting and its application with bladed weapons,
    as well as empty hands. Efficiency, and power are put together to produce
    this fighting system. It is a highly efficient style in combat and tournament
  2. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

  3. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    No story missed, just a seminar.
  4. ouch!

    ouch! New Member

    I'll be there!!! Sounds like its going to be a lot of fun!!!
  5. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    Just a reminder, one day to go.
  6. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    Seminar was great, GM Atillo shared some history of Balintawak and the origin of the system. I was little surprise that there were no other Balintawak students from other Balintawak systems. There were more other systems besides Balintawak that was there but again this is a seminar an event that shares knowledge to everyone. Great system and Thank you to GM Atillo and J.D. his black Belt Student for demonstrating their system.
  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I'm glad it was a good seminar! Too bad there wasn't a broader turnout.
  8. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Doesn't surprise me that there weren't many there from other Balintawak groups. Mr. Attilo isn't very well liked in those circles.
  9. ouch!

    ouch! New Member

    I had a great time at the seminar. I have some pictures and I'll post them a little later.

    Can't wait to see GM Ising again!!!
  10. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    I'll be there again too. Thanks Ouch for the special invite on Fridays private class that was fun. I hope I remember some of the technics he taught. I think I got the sparring down on Sat. seminar.
  11. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    Take a look at some of the discussions on the various boards about Grandmaster Crispulo “Ising” Atillo and his version of history and his stories and you may better understand why others from the rest of the Balintawak family choose not to attend.
  12. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    Ok, I think this is getting out of hand. I'm not hear to discuss the history of Balintawak. I just posted a seminar to inform other FMA'er. I don't care what happend as long as the seminar was a success which it was. Regardless of what happend in the past is the past. It's not with you, me, or others, it was with the them. I can't speak for you Rich Parson or Brock or who ever but what ever happend, happend a long time ago. GM Atillo gave his version of his style of Balintawak, his history and his lineage. I'm not hear to judge anyone. I am glad to meet a living GM that has been and competed in death matches and got to explain.

    When I said, I was a little surprise not seeing other Balintawak. I meant that regardless of the past the support should be their. Set aside the differences for a day and support a fellow FMA'er. Example, Brock wrote; "Did I miss a story somewhere?" and highlight, indicated there was an issue. Maybe but it was not in my time. I heard a little what happend in the PAST HISTORY but this is a new time and era. I'm sure there are differences with other organizations and not only Balintawak and Doce Pares, Balintawak and Balintawak, Doce Pares and Doce Pares, Serrada and Serrada.

    All I can say is, this event was a seminar and the post was to inform other FMA'ers to support a fellow FMA'er, which we did. It was not to disrespect a person because of what happend in the past when we wasn't their. Again, I can not speak for Rich Parson or Brock. Maybe they were there and have the right to argue but this is not the place for it.
  13. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I wasn't arguing anything my friend. Just curious about the Doce Pares thing and providing information (as was Mr. Parsons) as to why there weren't others from the Balitawak community there. I have trained with Mr. Atillo on a couple of occasions and have no personal grudge with the man. He and my instructor had a falling out a couple years back, but that is between them and I chose to stick with my instructor because I liked his personality more and in my opinion he had more to offer knowledge wise. That is only my opinion though, and I am in no way knocking Mr. Atillo or any of his students. Some people like chocolate ice cream others vanilla. It's up to the individual to choose what's best for them.
  14. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member


    The past is still current. He still is making statements that no other Balintawak family agrees with or can verify.

    You asked why more Balintawak family members were not there, I gave you my opinion.

    Do not open the can of worms (* even if someone else has populated that can with garbage for you *) if you do not want an answer.

    Note: I never said anything about his personal skill. I have only stated I disagree with his marketing and his false statements. I will not pay someone money and use my time to support them, if I openly disagree with them.

    That being said. I am glad you enjoyed the seminar.

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