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Discussion in 'Seminars & Camps' started by peter, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. peter

    peter New Member


    Master Rey Galang will be conducting an open seminar / workshop on Bakbakan Kali. The details are as follows:

    OPEN Seminar/Workshop at the WHQ, Lodi, New Jersey
    August 27, 2006 1:00pm - 5:00pm
    Seminar Fee: $60 ($50 for Members & Active Affiliates)
    Open for Affiliate Membership candidates/applicants

    This is truly an event not to be missed, and I shall be travelling from the UK to participate in the seminar, and also to undergo very intensive Bakbakan Kali training and to participate in the rite of passage to full-fledged member status.

    I look forward to meeting some of you at this event.


  2. Roger Agbulos

    Roger Agbulos New Member

    Highly Recommended!!!

    Hello Peter!

    A seminar from one of the kali masters I VERY MUCH admire is truly an event not to be missed!!!

    I look forward to Master Rey's next visit here in Los Angeles. It will always be my pleasure to host any of his events in the West Coast.

    Good luck and have a safe flight Peter. Best regards...

  3. peter

    peter New Member

    Hello Roger

    Many thanks for your good wishes.

    Yes, Master Rey has a vast amount of knowledge to share and his three trips to UK have certainly be very well received.

    Good luck with your continued efforts to promote quality FMA.


  4. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member

    What Master Rey brings is both a classical look into weapon use as well as a different approach in training methodologies. The logic in his training progress with each weapon and weapon combination provides not only a learning efficiency but an understanding of range and develops an immediate proficiency with ambidexterity. Key attributes for the FMA enthusiast.

    Good luck with your training at the WHQ!


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