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  2. David,

    I sell on ebay and can do you 6 perfectly straight 450g Bahi sticks for $75 (special FMA Talk discount ;) )including shipping to Australia. Shipping time is usually 2 weeks.

    Take a look:

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG]
    Of course, I would add two more to that pic ;)

    Also, my sticks are natural finish and not varnished. I have found varnishing adds to the weight but sometimes the stick sweats moisture and it gets trapped under the layer of varnish. Since then I stopped buying those kind.

    All sticks are 28" long / 7/8" thick and I have a bit of a play to weight the sticks into pairs before sending.

    If you'd like this deal shoot me your paypal email to / private message and I'll make you an invoice.

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    Simon will only give you the best. He won't sell what is not worth selling. there are many grades of bahi out there and the cheap ones on ebay are not usually from the heart of the palm as they should be. If you buy from Simon you will not be sorry at the grade of sticks you get or the price.

    I've bought many sticks and the ones I got from Simon are the best. I live in Michigan and have no reason to do adds for him. I'm just trying to tell you where to get the best sticks. If you bought the ones from ebay, get your new ones from Simon in the previous post when they go bad.

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