BaHad Zu`Bu in Jaxs Fla

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    BaHad Zu'Bu Mangtaas Baraw

    Taught By:


    Punong Guro Michael Blackgrave is a highly qualified martial artists with teaching credentials in 4 systems of fighting arts, he is also the Western Headquarter President representing Grand Master Epifanio "Yuli" Romo Jr. PG Blackgrave brings real world experience and work to his craft, he teaches the arts for simplicity and effectiveness in confrontational systems etc.

    Learn the Filipino fruit of combat & culture from the Southern Philippines fighting systems. Train in a complete system which includes, impact, edged, flexible weaponry, empty hands, ground work etc. etc.

    World Martial Arts
    2375 St. John's Bluff Rd. S
    Suite 102
    Jacksonville, FL 32246

    will be hosting seminars

    Sept.15th &16th

    9am. To 3pm.

    Cost will be: $75 for 1 day and $125 for both

    For more information:

    210-383-3059 or 210-547-0498......Punong Guro Michael Blackgrave

    912-449-1063…………Dan Hudson

    904-343-7472…………Kris Kofstad

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    Good luck with this event!
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    i see! i already know the greatness of GM Yuli Romo because he is one of my instructor in PLV Virulent Tigers ^_^!! he is eldest brother of master muloy romo ^_^!! by the help of GM Yuli the PLV is one of the greatest arnis player in the world ^_^ nyahahahahaha!!!!
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    off the charts!

    PG Mike Blackgrave set the bar pretty high for us here.
    We had a great time, learned just a crazy amount while he was here.
    Now we have enough to carry on until he comes back (hopefully every 6 months).I would STRONGLY recommend this guy to anybody, anywhere, any style or system. He has been like a big brother to me, an awsome friend, and even a better instructor. The BaHad Zu`Bu is just wide open as an art and this man supercharges it!

    still sore,

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