Bad Floods in the P.I

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  1. As a result of the latest "Super Typhoon" there are lots of floods and power outages across the Philippines. The typhoon and heavy rains have moved on but now the rescue / aid operations begin.

    They are the worse floods since the 1960s apparently. It rained more in 9 hours than the average month....

    Blamed on "Climate Change".....
  2. Brian R. VanCise

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    Sorry to hear that Simon!
  3. We are o.k but my thoughts are with the 1/4 million displaced by the floods!

    Local TV had a telefon thingy earlier and people were pledging money to bring aid to all those affected.
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    Have you heard if any of the Gm's and Master's residing in Manila and surrounding Provinces are doing OK?
    Hope all is well with our FMA families back home.
  5. Not sure to be honest.

    I can only speak of my Master (GM Yuli Romo) and he is in Morocco. The water at his place in Manila is apparently chest deep. There were kids swimming in many streets over the weekend. The problem is that his street (and many others) flood with the average amount of rain due to inadequate drainage.
  6. Brian R. VanCise

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    Sorry to hear that. That is just terrible. Flood damage is horrible. [​IMG]
  7. Yep. Twice as much rain as in New Orleans I heard. The worst bit on the TV was a family from Antipollo (sp?). A basic kind of dwelling near a river had a "Tsunami of Mud" and rocks from the river wash it away. They lost four of their Children in the Mud.
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    Kuya Simon,

    Was Sampaloc hit hard with the flood, near University of Santo Thomas? Its my old neighborhood.
  9. Hi Phil,

    If that's just off off Morayta / Espana then yes I think it was pretty bad. I wouldn't really know for sure though.

    Like I said in the earlier posts - it does tend to be the mudslides that cause a lot of the casualties. Again, that area (especially heading into Quiapo) gets flooded on a regular basis anyway...

    Luckily we haven't really had rain since Saturday so the situation has not been compounded.
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