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    Hello everyone, Daniel Arola here to inform everyone that I will be moving back to the Houston area to enjoy the Holidays and more than likely, for good. After the Holiday Season blows over location and schedule of training will be announced. It looks like there are quite a few locations I am looking at and with Houston being the big city as it is, will take some time for me to make my final choice where I shall start first.
    I am very happy to notice the rising interest in FMA throughout the Greater Houston area since I left Houston to move to NC. I hope all the FMA schools in Houston and throughout shall continue to grow and prosper.

    Stay tuned.....

    Daniel in the black sparring with Army SF guy from Ft Bragg


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    Good luck in Houston!
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    Wow, that sounds really exciting Daniel!

    Hope you keep us posted with how everything is going. Good fortune to you! :)

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    Houston Stick Fighting Association's 1st combative meet on 11/26/2006(Sunday)

    There is this newly formed Martial Arts Weapons group called the Houston Stick Fighting Association. They will be hosting their 1st combative gathering at Hermann Park in the heart of the city near the museum, the zoo and medical center area. The event will be held on Sunday, November 26, 2006 starting at 10:00 am til 12:00 pm.

    The HSFA is not limited to just the Filipino Kali/Arnis/Escrima players, but to all other MA weapons enthusiasts[Kendo/Shinai/Bokken, Staff, Chucks, Staff, Jo, SCA Heavy Combat, ARMA swordplay, Amtgard, etc.] For more info about the HSFA, click onto the highlighted link in the paragraph above to learn more.

    I had just moved back to Houston after 20 months in Fayetteville, North Carolina and it looked like I moved back at the right time. I am very happy to see the interest in martial arts weapons combat(FMA in particular) continue to grow and I am grateful for Johnathan Bolton to have started this association. Johnathan is also a student under Tim Mousel who is also my instructor in JKD Concepts, Thai boxing, Combat Grappling and Filipino Kali. Johnathan is an instructor at the Houston Martial Arts Academy located in downtown Houston.

    For those of you who know a little bit of my background, if any of you are nearby I am looking for experienced players/training-partners in this form of combat to practice with and to potentially become part of the DAMAG-INC Kali Combatives Unit.

    "Take the lickin' and keep on STICKin'!"

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    HSFA 1st meet rocked!

    The stick fighting gathering today turned out to be very succesful! Look into my blog to read more about it.

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    Check out the photos of the event right HERE
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    Neat! Looks like you had a beautiful day for it.

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    It was the most PERFECT day!

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    I'm looking to see if I can get enough students to train them in time for the next gathering that will be coming up sometime either in February or March of 2007 in the Greater Houston area. So far, I hear the 2nd location has been planned to be held at some park in Sugarland, TX where my buddy Leo Quitalon and his Lightning Escrima group is located. As soon as I get wind of the exact date, I will post it here.

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    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to post that I'm teaching classes once a week on Monday evenings beginning at 7:45 pm at Mousel's Mixed Martial Arts academy on 5710 Brittmoore Rd #29, Houston Texas, 77041

    There's talk of adding Wednesday night at the same time also. Who knows... it's possible.
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    Good luck Dan! [​IMG]
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    Hey Dan,
    Got tired of the army at Fayetteville? It's always good to move around from time to time and break the montony of one area over another... Last time we talked, I was in chicago land and in March last year, moved back to guam.. Starting to open up another school here once the schedule allows.. Keep the sticks flying because I know the mosquitos in texas are big and fear the normal fly swatter.

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    oops! my bad. I didn't mean to post it twice.
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    Cool Dan! :coolyello
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    I liked the clip you made when you got your red scorpion knife, you tested it in a good way.

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    Thank you, I'm glad you dig it! :)

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