Atlantic City Grand Internationals

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    I just received this notice. Does anyone know what 'Combative Sports Weaponry' is? The website isn't fully operational yet.


    For those interested in participating in a multi discipline martial arts

    event please check out the following. The stickfighting portion will
    WEKAF rules. Anyone interested in the stickfighting event please contact

    Don Edwards

    "GHK Enterprises Presents The Atlantic City Grand Internationals"
    Atlantic City Convention Center
    Atlantic City , NJ
    February 17-19,2006

    8 Separate Championships!

    Multi-Discipline Martial Arts Extravaganza...

    Disciplines Include:
    *Eskrima (Full contact stickfighting) - Director, Master Don Edwards
    *Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling-Master Jean Jacque
    *WTF Taekwondo-Director,Master's Edward & James Hsu
    *ITF Taekwondo-Director,Mr. Alvin Bernard
    *Jiu-Jitsu-Master Michael DePasquale Jr.
    *Combative Sports Weaponry,Director, Drs. Braff and Hufford
    *Breaking-Master Drew Serrano,GM Ralph Bergamo
    *Sport Karate-Director,Master John Chung

    Also Featuring a Pro mixed Martial Arts event...IFC Cage Fighting

    Registration will be available November 1st.

    for info visit:

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