Atienza Kali Training Group Tour

Discussion in 'General' started by Forceanchors, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Looks great! I don't know so much about this system so it's good to see some footage.
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    Arnisador....I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about AK.

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    I don't know much about it! My impression has always been that it's heavily knife-focused, including the offensive use of the knife--a Sayoc-style "All Blade, All the Time" approach. Is that so, or am I misinformed?
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    Atienza Kali

    It's based in Pekiti Tirsia. They stress fundamentals, including footwork, body mechanics, etc., for the weapons that they teach. From my limited exposure to their recent promo's it's apparent that they've made this kind of logical step in their training methodology: "Why spend years learning the stick and then later transfer those skills to a sword (bolo), when you can learn the sword (properly) from day one?"

    I think that this kind of reasoning is sound. It creates a strong marketing focus, as well, that's similar to the Sayoc approach. Who wouldn't want to learn how to use a bolo correctly?

    I met Carl Atienza years ago (1995?) at Tom Bisio's school. Nice guy; great skills.


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    Atienza Kali is a family system. We train sword, knife, empty hands, special weapons, projectiles, mass attack etc...

    The AK Tuhons have classified many different fighter types in their experiences. The training uses Evolutions to pass on information to train these fighter type. Evolutions are 2 man drills that dont recycle, there is an end. Each fighter type is addressed somewhere in one of the Evolutions. The Evolution is first taught through targeting chains, hourglass and the blade(footwork), and eventually to the 2 man drill.

    The info in the Evolution can be broken down in many ways...moving through training all the way to actual combat.

    Family dynamic training and mass attack training are also a major part of the curriculum in Atienza Kali.

    hope that helps a bit...any more questions about anything we do please ask.

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    Thanks! Many of those things remind me of what I've heard in Sayoc Kali seminars (mass attack, drills that don't repeat, different fighter types, targeting). Is this a similar training approach, then?

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