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Discussion in 'Seminars & Camps' started by Kailat, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Kailat


    The Arnold Fitness and Martial Arts Expo
    Did anyone else go to this years show? If so what was your opinion of it? HAve you been in the past? How did you compare it?

    My opinion of this years event:

    Well, let me see where to begin; Did I enjoy it? I think as far as the martial art part went, it pretty much "BLEW"!!! It was a horrible experience, not nearly enough competition.. It was 2to3 times smaller then the previous years. Im not sure if it was due to the UFC 82 being in town that night that drew from it all or what? What I did notice was the vendors were very limited compared to years past! Those competing was very limited as well as the skill level that I seen there. The middle of the day demo's, and show was completly NOT THERE!!! I talked w/ Cynthia Rothrock via the internet she said they stopped inviting her and the other celebs that are usually frequent there ie. Don Wilson, Bill Wallace, and others due to they didn't want to pay for them and thier trip etc.. Is Arnold or the city of Columbus going broke or what? It was a really bad show.

    I spent nearly most of my time which consisted of exactly 3 hours in the fitness side. They spared no expense on that part I'll admit. It was 3/4 fitness promoted and 1/4 martial arts promoted.

    I think Dana White really put a short stop on the Arnold Classic by bringing the UFC in town at the same weekend.

    It was so bad, I don't think I'll ever go back! It was just a gigantic CLUSTER of a mess. Very unorganized is what I saw.

    ANYONE ELSE feel the same way as me that went?

    speak up..maybe i missed something.. as i said after all I was only there for 3 hours.. I usually spend all day if not 2 days enjoying the show...this year I was pissed I drove almost 3
  2. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hi Cory,

    I am glad that you spoke up. I didn't make it to the event because I didn't know when it was held until Itook a peak at the calendars that Keith Wetoskey sent me. Then it was too late. Glad I missed it this year then. I am planning on attending next year, IF things change back for the better. Guess I will have to wait to see if the oranizers learned their lesson and if they are going to put more effort into it.

    Thanks Cory.......... Mike
  3. Kailat


    Mike, I tell you i've been going for about the past 6yrs or so... They totally were unorganized and the events were nill... As for the Kali event.. I didn't see it at all..I think they said something about moving it to SUNDAY? I was like WHY???? that was stupid!!

    Because they shrank the size of the MA events and it sure showed.. Like I don't know what happend or was performed on SUNDAy, i did not go.. I spent too much time out SAT night on the town..LOL i had more fun hanging out after the fights were over at the local hot spots.. Made the weekend more eventful lol....

    Yeah.. I sure doubt I go next year at all..!! If I do.. I'll just go for the nightlife.....
  4. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I was gonna go myself. I was going to compete in the Kali event on Sunday, but I was also going for the fitness expo as well. I'm a minor fan of bodybuilding as well though.
  5. Kailat


    Brock, I too am an advid fan of body building as well. I did spend the majority of the afternoon enjoying alot of the bodybuilding shows etc..

    As I mentioned they spared no expense on that part of the show. I walked away with plenty of goodies(sup's) and overall I enjoyed the body building other than the fact it was so GD' crowded and you couldn't walk down an isle without bumping all over anyone. And fighting the gagglemess. At one point it took me over an hour just to walk up an isle that was prob what 500 to 1000 feet long? LOL...yah they need to move to a larger venue, or seperate the body building w/ the martial arts show on seperate weeekends so they can utilize the WHOLE floor. Alow for more room... Someone needs to organize it a little better.. in my opinion
  6. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Seems like the martial arts celebrities were in short supply, but did you get to see anyone like Cutler or Coleman?
  7. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander Junior Member

    I am from columbus and I used to attend waaaay back when, in the time before most people even knew what an arnold classic was!

    I made the first 2 years when they started the martial arts expo
    and it was pretty good!

    BUT, I read that master joon pyo choi was taking over as the head of the MA expo and I predicted it was going to go down hill from there.

    I haven't been back in many years and whether or not he actually had anything to do with it, I see my predictions have come true.....
  8. Kailat


    OH yeah..??? I remember back w/ Mstr. Pyo Choi had the center show at 1pm in the middle of the expo it was at least pretty decent.. I didn't even see him this past years event...

    Not really sure who ran it, or put it together.. Heck even Arnold S. (Governor himself) was rare to find.. he didn't give his special speach etc..

    oh well i prolly won't go back.. af for the Body Building, guys like AES team, Lou Ferrigno(sp) -THE HULK- was there, and im sure there were others that i didn't know!!! seemed like much of the excitement this year was drawn to the BB side... the MA expo was really small, and wasn't at all exciting at all.. Mostly BJJ and grappling and stand up kickboxing was about it..

    I'll save my comments on what I saw in the form of FMA there this year as well.... ; )
  9. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander Junior Member

    fma was that bad?!

    I have no idea if Mstr Choi is still running it.
    I do know he was sucking up to arnold big time for a while there.
    But, I'll keep me personal comments there ;)

    It's a shame though. The martial arts side started off with TONS o promise, then it has just petered-out,I guess.
    It's like the Seni Show over here, the MMA and muay thai guys always have a good time, but after 15+ years of MMA,I am pretty burned out on that at the moment.
    This year, we noticed the octagon was sitting empty for a huge portion of the weekend. We are going to try and persuade the organizers to let us use it for Black Eagle fights to help propmote the fma next year when it's not in use during the day.
    I would really like to get BE fights at the arnold show when I return to the states, but the Dog Brothers have been turned down, I do see us having much luck either.

    The BB's at the arnold was always a winner, bt the fitness models wuz DE bomb!!

    I need to get back to my mag's to see who is who nowadays :lookaroun
  10. Segi

    Segi New Member


    Grand Master Choi has run The Battle of Columbus for 32years now which used to be associated with the Arnold. He has not been associated with the Arnold since 2003 or 2004 ( not sure which).
    The Battle of Columbus has always been a well run tournament with a good turnout.
  11. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander Junior Member

    Absolutely correct.
    I fought many times in the Battle of Columbus
    back in the 80's.
    I didn't know if he had left the arnold classic or not.
    He is a good businessman. No doubt about it.
    Hence the reason I said I'll keep my personal comments to myself.
  12. yomitche

    yomitche New Member

    I have also heard that the Filipino Martial Arts were "under-represented" (either in terms of the scope of competition or the number of competitors who showed up to participate). I wanted to observe the competition but couldn't figure out the scheduling of the events. If the Kali comp was only going to include a limited number of fights or events, I didn't want to invest my entire day, and still risk missing the competition, for an activity at an unspecified time of the day. I chose not to go and hope that the organizers can appreciate this and improve the event for next year. Hopefully more kali competitors will participate next year and start a trend towards improving at least the quality of the FMA competition.

    What do others think? Was FMA under-represented or was the event simply poorly organized?

    Just curious...
  13. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I don't know about the event itself, but the website for the martial arts portion of the event is an utter mess. There were supposed to be seminars as well, but when, what time, and what events they may have or may not have interfered with were beyond me.
  14. yomitche

    yomitche New Member

    I agree, the website was effectively worthless in terms of identifying event times and locations.

    Did anybody here get to see the FMA events?
  15. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Anyone see any contact info on the website other than registration? Maybe we could write or call with suggestions or complaints.
  16. STGHA

    STGHA New Member

    I used to help run the Kali events at the Arnold a few years back (when GM Choi ran the martial arts event).
    My instructor, Guru Ken Panell (Asian Fighting Arts/Sikal Tactical) was the Director of the event, and I ran the operational portion.
    At that time the Martial Arts expo side of things was somewhat disorganized, but this was understandable due to the size of the event.

    GM Choi was removed as head of the event, and another set of directors was installed.

    The event went completely downhill from there, and we were forced to pull out. They still advertised the Kali event, even though they didn't have anyone running it! We even went as far as giving them contact info of other instructors who may be able to run the Kali portion, but as far as we know none were ever contacted.

    I am very sad to see an event (Arnold Martial Art Expo) that once hosted 1,000+ competitors from both the US and international, representing multiple styles of martial arts, turn into something that would be better served being held in a High School Gym......

    We (Asian Fighting Arts/Sikal Tactical) had high hopes of using this event (due to it's high profile at the time) as a vehicle to help promote the Filipino martial arts to the public. We also wished to host an event where all FMA practitioners could come together, compete, demonstrate and showcase their various styles in a “non political” atmosphere.

    Guro Steve Hacht
    Asian Fighting Arts
    Sikal Tactical
  17. WuLord187

    WuLord187 Albo Kali Silat Student

    I was at the Arnold classic this year and the martial arts portion was mostly dominated by the NAGA events for grapplers, 2 of my college buddies waited forever for their grappling matches to start because of the # of competitors. I was there from Friday - Sunday hanging out with Flex Wheeler at his booth and couple of WEC fighters. The scheduling was so messed up. I was watching the first portion of the stick fighting which seemed to be for guys with less than 2 years experienced but had to leave because I was also competiting in the sport karate division. Also I believe competitors had to supply their own WEKAF armour, which is not cheap. And from what I seen I think their was less than 10 guys competiting probably 4-6 from what I counted but there might have been more after I left. Besides the NAGA events everything else representing martial arts got the backseat with the broken seatbelt. With the price of entry fees, gas, food, lodging (if you don't have friends/family in the area), competition gear, and no prize money it kind of demotivates competitors.
  18. Killbot

    Killbot Sereeus Biznus

    I advise avoiding the MA side of this too. I went a few years ago and was signed up for the Kali competition. We had all pre-registered, but when we got there, there was no slot for us, we had to find one, there were no refs, we had to call some to come and judge and ref. There weren't many of us but we got together and made divisions and that stuff ourselves. We changed some of the rules, which I wasn't too happy about , but it was fun after we got going. The people running the event didn't care in the slightest. The guy running the MA side of the expo was pretty much a big ol' d-bag.

    I went last year to the NAGA comp and it wasn't bad. It was large, but for the # of competitiors, they did the best they could. I talked to the NAGA promoter, forget his name, tall bald dude, and he said he'd been trying to get the Arnolds to give them way more space for more mats so they could be more efficeint. But they wouldn't do it.

    My advice, avoid it all together if you're interested in FMA.
  19. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander Junior Member

    Ok,question time...

    I went to the first 2 martial arts expos before moving to the UK
    and I must say I rather saddened at how bad everyone has said it has gone to crap. Not that it was any better back then,mind you.

    BUT, maybe we shouldn't give up hope just yet.

    Why don't all add input as to what CAN or COULD be done to improve it?
    What was wrong besides the blatant obvious?

    We all have one thing in common; we have a love for the FMA.
    When I do return to the states,I would like to help in the publicising
    of the FMA to the public and the Arnold Expo would still be a great place to organize it.
    Of course, there are other places to do it as well,but what ideas could we come up with to make something like this work?
    This is something we all need to work together on without political BS.
    I have seen enough of that here in the UK and they can still make things work regardless. Well,almost ;-)
    (if there is "political" problems,let's hire a warehouse for "problem solving"
    once and for all :))

    So? How about it?
    What do you guys see as wrong with an event this size?
    Could we try and do something on our own without the expo?

    (answers,that is :D)

    for the record,I can definitely get you in touch with the people who
    pull this stuff off here in the UK and in Europe.
    Advice is advice,regardless who it comes from.

    okeedokee artichokee?!
  20. Damien Alexander

    Damien Alexander Junior Member


    I guess I could be wrong.
    I guess "we" may love the fma,but not the idea of brining it together under one roof.



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