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    Welcome to Tye Botting's Arnis Exploration section of FMATalk.
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  2. Thanks, Datu! Looking forward to interacting with more than just FB folks, and with easier thread control and traceability. Pugay!

    So, this is a place to share techniques, drills, ideas, and analyses which naturally flow into or out of, link from, and/or build upon what Professor Remy A. Presas, Sr. taught. Take it and run with it, enjoy and share arnis in all of its variety and glory - there's always more to learn out there, and we can all learn from each other. Para sa lahat ng grupo at kaibigan ng Modern Arnis.

    Note: FMA politics are not welcome here. Also, while related seminars are good (posted by the host or instructor(s)), merchandise ads are frowned upon, especially without content related to the paragraph above.

    If you're local or happen to be in the Northern Virginia area, our little group meets pretty much every Sunday at 10:30am for arnis training, open to all. The location is Kings Park Park basketball court area, 8717 Trafalgar Ct, Annandale, VA (right near the intersection of Braddock, Burke Lake, and Rolling Roads).
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