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  1. Brother John

    Brother John New Member

    Very simply: What is Arjuken??
    Is it still being practiced/taught? How does it differ in traning and tactics from other PMA-derived systems? Who heads it today??
    Thank you

    Your Brother
  2. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    ArJuKen is just part of the name of GM Ernestos first Organisation:

    ArJuKen - Karate Association International, or the long Version
    Arnis - Ju Jutsu - Kendo - Karate Association International.

    So ArJuKen is not a style - its just the martial arts, GM Ernesto was teaching in his first organisation.

    You can see that in the old pass as well - there was room for Arnis, JuJutsu, Kendo and Karate degrees.

    Here in Germany, you could get degrees in all the named martial arts by GM Ernesto - I know several ppl who did their black belt tests in Karate, Kendo or JuJutsu under GM Ernesto.
  3. Brother John

    Brother John New Member

    Thank you

    Is there many people around (This site) who studied in an Arjuken school?

    Your Brother
  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I too understood that the Arjuken stage was an earlier stage in the development of Kombatan.

    From this thread, an article that discusses Arjuken:

    The Art of The Flow

  5. Brother John

    Brother John New Member

    Thank you...
    That's a very interesting article.

    Makes me all the more sad though that the local Kombatan school isn't currently accepting new students.

    Your Brother
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    What a shame! Well, as long as they know you're interested, something may open up there.
  7. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    Arjuken Karate is still being practiced in Australia. It actually has a substantial following there. Chris Traish is the head instructor of Arjuken for Grand Master in Australia. This is different to the Chief Instructor of IPMAF and Kombatan for Australia which is Andy Elliott.

    Spoke to some Arjuken people at the IPMAF World Abroad training camp in Melbourne recently and they said that it was based on shotokan kata's and also incorporating some of the basic solo baston, double baston and knife disarming taught in the Kombatan syllabus.

    Interesting that it still comes up in conversations and forums..
  8. armas

    armas Junior Member

    I am an old student of arjuken karate. Actually, Arjuken karate was coined to explain what GM Ernesto was teaching in his HQ at that time. Now we just go by Kombatan which also includes mano mano as emptyhand.

    Ar is for Modern Arnis as the family art of the Presas family. Arjuken karate had a base of shotokan karate with a mix of shorin ryu in it. Presas jujitsu was based on Daito ryu from what i was told by my senior Master Mark Santos(the main teacher of jujitsu in arjuken back in the 90's), To add that in Ju of Arjuken Judo was included. Kendo was taught only by GM Ernesto which he learned in Japan in the 70's with jujitsu and karate.

    Arjuken karate produced many well rounded martial artist as you can see of the curriculum we had. You had to be proficient in all. Then specialized in whichever you choose. GM's philosophy was to produce many well rounded fighters in a no nonsense way. Later, GM Ernesto was convinced that he should just concentrate on the FMA side. I used to teach arjuken but now concentrate on the fma because that was what I came to for when I joined GM Ernesto's school.

    Hope this helps.
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    How much karate is in Kombatan?
  10. armas

    armas Junior Member

    Not that much. In my opinion, we included the strikes to make it complete emptyhand art. Our hands move like a boxer with stick movement. It includes hand traps or immobiliztation, many locks and takedowns.

    Arjuken was used to satisfy the hunger of the Filipinos for foreign martial arts. Plus GM Ernesto wanted to teach the arts of which have helped him grow as a martial artist. To him all arts are good. He just felt that FMA as his forte had to be spread and known through out the world.
  11. eskrimador

    eskrimador New Member

    ARJUKEN (Arnis Judo/Juijitsu Kendo Association) was the martial arts school of GM Ernesto Presas, that he established after his older brother Prof. Remy Presas migrated to US and left the NAKO (National Arnis Karate Association).

    The ARJUKEN was known in Manila as martial arts school teaching Modern Arnis, Jujitsu, Karate (hybrid of Shorin and Shotokan), and sort of kobudo and kendo (the teaching of kendo did not grow due to expensiveness of this armoured art). The 80`s and 90`s, GM Ernie established himself through giving seminars to different countries and the IPMAF (International Philippine Martial Arts Federation) was organized. The group focused on developing and propagating Modern Arnis vis-a-vi empty hand (Mano Mano), knife fighting, modified jujitsu and other indigenous weapons.Then GM Ernie, concluded to call his system as KOMBATAN
  12. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-


    HE had many such as the ARJUKEN!
    I Have rank in Arjuken--International Philppino Arnis--Mono y Mono & He also had the Kombaton!Each had ranks or certificates for it!
    Mono y Mono tapes were produced with Jeff Danels who was exspelled!
    Internations Philippino arts & Arjuken were filmed in Philippines!
    Kombaton set can be found in the U.S. in martail Art Mags!
  13. kindred

    kindred New Member

    as far as i know arjuken is shotokan karate with a stick,jujitsu but dont know what style and who by and kendo but dont know who by and when graded
  14. kindred

    kindred New Member

    AS far i know chris traish doesnt have anything to do with the presas family any more ,pepe yap probably would have taught ggm the shorin ryu , and the person that really propagated kombatan in australia was hugh doherty head instructor of a.i.m.a health and creator of combat kali (fma for the western mind) hugh organised the australian crew for the first camp in negros in 1999 and without his tireless efforts kombatan would probably not have much of a place in oz , as usual in martial arts hugh was undermined and that was that ,hugh has trained with greats of the martial arts in both fma and other styles he has all the proper accreditation from world organisations , and has always taken in anyone without prejudice and a lot of the time without money to pay for the classes which is what makes hugh a real martial artist and human being ,i know there will be some people who will probably have a crack at what i have said but hey my door is always open come and see me as i have nothing to hide and hugh is too humble to put stuff about himself out there ,, hope the best to everyone in the fma community and never be afraid to speak your mind its what makes us communicate and as long as it is not being terribly down grading to anyone whats the harm in the truth if you are what you are ,,all the best
  15. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    Chris Traish actually attended the 1st World Abroad Kombatan Training Camp in Melbourne were he was awarded his 7th Dan in Arjuken Karate by Grand Master Ernesto and reaffirmed as the Chief Instructor of Arjuken Karate in Australia with Andy Elliott the chief instructor of all other I.P.M.A.F. styles.

    Interesting notes on Hugh Doherty I think that there would be a lot of people who may have a differing opinion. I have always felt Hugh's passion laid towards Jiu-Jitsu and Karate and not the FMA's although he is heavily invoved in that area as well currently with Roger Solar (who is also a former I.P.M.A.F. player).

    To be honest however Kombatan in Australia did not really take off until about 2004/05 by which time Hugh had stopped being active with I.P.M.A.F.
  16. kindred

    kindred New Member

    to johnzag
    The only people to have a different opinion are you and andy that with your lust to take over a system would stop at nothing to get it , you are andy are the sad products that martial arts finds itself with everynow and then and it is people like you that bring disrespect and shame to a wonderful journey of the martial arts ,,,and really mate you dont want to get into the roger solar issue because some pants will be pulled down that none of you would want out in the open and to show respect to ggm presas and his son they will not be said unless you push the matter and to the matter of hugh he started learning fma with the brabhams which was before you or andy had an incling of martial arts training and has selflessly promoted the fma around australia and around the the world without a lust for profit and personal merit to back up a lacking of spine and heart , i apologise to other people on this site that have to read this
  17. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Please, let's keep th discussion focused on the art itself!
  18. Combat Kali

    Combat Kali New Member

    History lesson 1

    Dear Johnny,
    It would appear that my refusal of your request to grade you in jujitsu & karate after a handful of lessons has wounded you deeply. Kindred - you do not have to defend me, I understand your concerns as an examiner of Johnnys 1st degree of "kombatan" on the 9/4/2003 at my HQ & 2nd degree 7/5/2003 by Ernesto at PI. Kindred is well aware of your FMA tuition & history.
    Kombatan was named such after former IPMAF club president Garitony Nicholas registered "Modern Arnis Mano Mano" no other reason.Roger Solar replaced Garitony.Roger Solar has "presas style" as a sub style of his "Birada" system reflecting the content of Jose, Remy, Ernesto & Roberto. In 1 week Rogers IPEAC was greater in numbers than IPMAF.It is more prudent to be good at FMA rather than be focused on what to name it.
    At the Meeting between Ernesto and Chris Traish in Melbourne it was agreed that Chris is in charge of Modern Arnis, Geoff Traish Arjuken and Michael Darcy Mano Mano.Expansion of the Presas name in Australia is credited to Roland Dante, a better man you will not meet.True - I am involved with Japanese arts as myself and dojo are recognised by the Japanese Royal family but I also represent GP Roger Solar & GT Leo Gaje in Australia proudly. I am involved with our national body of FMA ( AFCAF) as well as seminars etc.There are more than 20 "presas" style instructors in Australia in AFCAF. They choose not to be financial to Ernesto for various reasons, He is a lovable rogue.We choose to quietly study FMA which is why Roger trained my group for 4 weeks in October 2003 and 12 weeks presently and our trip in December 2005 with the "masters" organised by Roland Dante in Manilla.We practice FMA in preference to talking about it, this may be the reason your Chief instructor has little following.Propagating mistruths in the hope they become true has as much success as a wishbone becoming a backbone.Inthe words of Cherie Marian (another story)"The difference is quality" Cherie was succesfull female champion at the national titles in full contact Baston as was Kindred (Peter Simons) in the male.Despite being an open tournament "kombatan Australia" was not present. Says it all.
    Hope you experience more.
    Hugh Doherty
  19. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    Western Exploitation ??

    Once again we see an example of the students, irregardless of the years of their training, disrespecting the source of the knowledge. The prior post by 'Kombat Kali' is a-typical of the Western thinking of if and when I get this I'll design to just benefit myself, then I can have the glory and the honor for myself. I can see that this person has yet to really know GGM Ernesto Presas personally and I myself refuse to let a post of slick words and Western reasoning prevent me from paying the respect due the whole Presas family and especially GGM Ernesto A. Presas. All you have posted is an example of what is truly a manuver to exploit FMA while casting doubts on the source of this FMA info. Remember everybody is human,even Great Grand Masters, Presidents (Bush),Queens (Elizabeth), all are subject to making mistakes or mis-judgements. In FMA you won't find the really good 'players' talking like you !! This is one of the major areas which directly effects many of us who mature in our fighting discipline and as a direct result we may become overly complacent thinking that we have achieved all that we can in our particular field of expertise. Too many of us buy into the hype that once a Master always a Master and speaking frankly this could not be farther from the truth as we are all only as effective as we are today !! As you know GGM Presas consistently keeps his 'Kombatan' fresh and on the cutting edge and if you have been keeping up with FMA news you would know that and yes he does encourage the instructors under him, look at the recent camp this year in Negros. Cheers ! Just stating my opinion and in no way meant to reflect the views of the management of this site !
  20. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Administrator Note.

    The Management is delighted to have so many knowledgeable FMA practitioners and teachers here, and hopes only for continued positive and friendly discussion of the arts!

    -FMAT Admin

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