are bladed weapons allowed to be shipped here in the philippines?

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by arcaix, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. arcaix

    arcaix New Member

    im planning on buying some bladed weapons online but are they allowed to be shipped to philippines? we can export machetes, bolos, etc... right? so that means we can also import?? please enlighten me on this one guys! ^_^
  2. I would be evry careful. It is actually very diffficult to send live swords from the Philippines. A post office in Manila refused to send a training aluminium knife of mine just last week. If you do buy one I would suggest DHL because if you buy it through EMS you will have to go to the airport and they will open it in front of you and ask you about it.
  3. arcaix

    arcaix New Member

    ok, so i should avoid EMS.. uhm... would you suggest a site or seller on ebay (if you know any) that sells a non-traditional looking machetes? i mean like those tramontina or corona brands? if that seller is in the philippines too then thats much better!
  4. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Why not just buy from Kuya Simon, (member - who responded to your post) His from the Philippines. Kuya Simon has excellent machetes usually for sale and if I’m mistaken they are always one of a kind (and usually gone and sold right away), some of the pieces that he sold where designed by Master Yuli himself. There is nothing wrong with brands and I know brand names are nice looking, but Filipino blacksmiths who makes the blades and knows how to use what they make is better in my opinion.

    Here is his site and you should check out his blogs, I think he still have some of the pics of the swords he had.

  5. Thanks Phil for the plug! Always appreciated in these times.

    I did venture into the "Live Sword" supply but as mentioned earlier the hassle of getting the swords out of the country is just too much.

    Currently I have a framed (the only way I found to do it. Frame them and then use acetate plastic instead of glass) Barong and Talibong (sp?!) left.

    PM if you would like more details.


  6. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Nice blades!
  7. Thanks :)

    Made at a traditional Panday here in the Philippines with Kamagong pommels / scabbards as shown.

    I've actually got a live Kampilan sat doing nothing. God only knows how much that would cost to frame :(
  8. arcaix

    arcaix New Member

    hmm.. those blades at looks nice! i wonder if he have live sword with a blade that looks like his panabas but a bit wider and have a handle style like his spada y daga.. i would surely order 2 of them!
  9. Sorry, I don't.

    Just have 2 barongs, a pira, talibong and Kampilan left thank goodness!

    I got questioned today trying to send Kamagong kermabits and carabao dulo dulos through Philpost so I really could do without the hassle. That's why I concentrate on training blades.
  10. bentit

    bentit New Member

    why is it hard to send out eskrima gears from the phils. I had a cousin who bought some rattan sticks. He was able to go through Cagayan De oro airport without a problem. When he reached manila airport, he had to surrender it to the guard.. Another story, my uncle coming from davao gave me some kamagong nunchaku without a problem with any of the airports from davao to manila to california to florida.. so what's the actuall law about carry-on bags in the phils?
  11. You tell me..!

    To be honest I'm surprised about the rattan sticks. Were they in the check-in luggage? They take all these precautions on airplanes yet yet are still able to get a bottle of wine onboard (duty free or when they come round to serve it). To be on the safe side and avoid akward questions in this day and age they should be checked in.

    The things I find with the Philippines is the lack of clarity and understanding about rules and come to think of it any "policy" in general. I found it all varies from post office to post office and then what they tell you isn't really the case. I can't see the airlines being any different.
  12. Found some pics of the ones I have left...

  13. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Very very nice Simon! :bow:
  14. arcaix

    arcaix New Member

    are those live blades or trainers? how much? the bottom most pic looks nice!
  15. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    nice wooden scabards thick woods are used those looks like are the real deal dangerous if it is confiscated by the hands of the customs people fascinating knives and bolo.
  16. Thanks all. Yes, they're all "live" blades and have to leave the Philippines in the frame as pictured and then they can be declared "Decorative items" and not weapons...

    We have sent them successfully to Spain, the U.K and the U.S.A but like I say these will be the last ones I will buy for now.

    Arcaix, I will let you have that set for 3,500 pesos if you are in Q.C ;)
  17. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    sir may mga interested dito sa net na gustong bumili ng mga ganyan kaso lang di ko alam sino sila ng pm lang sa akin sana mabasa nila ang thread na ito
  18. arcaix

    arcaix New Member

    i live in QC but... 3500? err.. wala na bang tawad?? i'll think about it.. tumitingin pa kasi ako ng iba eh..
  19. hee hee....Pinoy Ikaw!

    3,500 pesos is a massive bargain for that Espada Y daga set. I could probaly sell it for $150+ overseas (7,000 pesos or so?). I would only sell it so cheaply on the local market as I don't have to have it framed, pack it, etc, etc and because I always offer a big discount locally.

    Anyway, if anybody is interested just PM me to discuss them.
  20. arcaix

    arcaix New Member

    ok, hinihintay ko pa kasi ung sweldo ko eh.. pang bayad ko pa ksi ng tuition ung iba.. pag wala akong nakitang may mas magandang offer bka bilin ko yan...!

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