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  1. 408kali

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    Hi All,

    I was on another forum and the subject of Apache knife fighting came up.

    I was wondering if anyone has more info on it? I know that Blaise Loong is an instructor,

    but would like to enquire as to whether there are others who teach the art or know more about


    Peace, ~John
  2. silat1

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    depends on who you train in apache knife with.. I have trained with Robert Redfeather a couple of times when I was stateside and his program is all hands on sparring. He teaches the application while giving a lecture and then it's off to the floor learning the movement and committing it to muscle memory.. I would highly suggest that you visit his website:
    www.apacheknife.com and if you have any questions concerning the system, tell him that Bill from Guam referred you to him as he is one of the instructors of blade work that I highly respect.

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  3. 408kali

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    Thanks Bill! Hey just wondering if you've checked out any indigenous martial arts while in Guam? I heard there was also some FMA there at one point, don't know if it's there NOW.

  4. silat1

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    at present time I know of one fma instructor besides myself who is on island.. He is one of Guro Dan's people from the 80's and I have had the opportunity to train with him several times before I moved stateside, but since I moved back in March, I haven't had the chance to hook up with him.. I've been on guam since 86 and there has been only 3 teachers that I know of including myself that teaches the fma and we knew each other and trained together from time to time..

    As far as indigenous fighting arts on guam, there isn't any.. the big thing here now is the MMA and we have our share of tkd schools, plus a smattering of traditional japanese karate classes which I am acquainted with one of the instructors who was instrumental in introducing karate into the Philippines some time back..

    I hope you have fun talking to Red about apache knife and I know he goes to california a lot to train the guys in pendeleton and he also has family out there, but last I heard, he is scheduled to be in europe on tour this summer, so you might have to get in touch with him asap.. If you can't get a hold of him I can give you another individual who is one of 3 professional instructors under Red and is located in chicago,,


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    Hi Bill,

    I'm not geared to jump into it as of yet, to be honest I'm still just curious about it. I would like to read up on it as well as see some techniques up close. I would like to hear your thoughts on what you learned in more detail, as well as others experiences.

    Always curious,

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    Mushtaq, who grew up on the Mescalero reservation, has showed me a little. The most important thing to remember is that it's not knife duelling. The idea is to sneak up and stick the other guy with the knife before he knows what's going on.
  7. silat1

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    I have experienced some of Mushtaq's apache knife when I did an intro into redfeather's variation at the spring gathering of the tribe of 06, It was a blast seeing how the same name and fighting style changes from individual to individual..
    Mushtaq has also shared with me some of his cimande and south african knife as I went to train with him the day before christmas in 06 right before I relocated back to the islands.

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    Anything that Mushtaq teaches is gold..he has forgot more than most will know....he is truly a freaking YODA..lol...Silat1 your old crusty ass has more tricks than a 2 dollar hooker...don't deny it you old salt..lol.
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    That's a visual I didn't need:puke:
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    Me either!
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    From Wikipedia.



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