Any Balintawak Escrimadors in Missouri?

Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by samuraiJOE, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. samuraiJOE

    samuraiJOE New Member

    I'm looking for training partners. I'm gonna be spending a couple of months in Missouri. I have tentative plans to be in Missouri by July or August of this year and be there for a 2 months at least :bow:

    No people with something to prove or big egos... I will flat down refuse to train with you if you turn out to be either of the two.

    Keep training... and train smart, not hard.
  2. tim_stl

    tim_stl Junior Member

    which part of missouri will you be in?

  3. free2flow

    free2flow New Member

    When you arrive in MO, feel free to contact me. We do have a very small group of Balintawak practitioners in St. Louis, MO. And I don't think we
    re either of the two :).

    Looking forward to meeting you. Are you from CDO? Taga Tagoloan ko.
  4. samuraiJOE

    samuraiJOE New Member

    I'll be in the St. Louis area...

    I'm from Cagayan de Oro, I train with Sir Rico Carino in the Balintawak Gold gym. I've only been training there for around 1 year (estimated accumulated training time)...

    It's great to hear that there's a group that trains there.

    I'm also looking forward to meeting you and the group.
  5. free2flow

    free2flow New Member

    That's great! I met Master Rico very briefly in his gym in Capistrano St. when I went home in 2000, very nice guy. He's demonstration of Balintawak on me made me decide to switch and pursue Balintawak.

    Pahibalo lang Bai kung kanus-a ka moabot diri.
  6. samuraiJOE

    samuraiJOE New Member

    Sure Bai! I'll definitely contact you when I get there :)
  7. carlrabanes

    carlrabanes New Member

    SamuraiJOE-- Joseph Javier? Pre carl ni.. Wala kay kaila naa didto makati karon? Hehehehe gusto ko motiwas sa mga lessons oi...
  8. samuraiJOE

    samuraiJOE New Member

    Ei Karl!! :) Kamusta na?

    I do not know of anyone teaching Balintawak arnis in the Makati area besides Mr. Tabimina's group. I think that they're the only ones teaching in the Manila area.

    If we can catch up with each other, we practice there. I will spending a couple of days in Manila before I leave for Missouri on the first week of August. Just give me your contact details on my email address:
  9. carlrabanes

    carlrabanes New Member

    seph gae ko imoha mobile number kay naa nako makati sugod JULY 15.. Pero asa man pod ka mag stay? hahaah basin layo ra kaau ta ug stayhan.. Kng duol ra ta cge bai practice ta.. E text lang ko 09173706842.. Pero kng magkita pa ta ila sir rico till SAT didto ra ta storya..hahaha

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