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    I would like to announce the beginning of a new era for the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association and the creation of the DBMA Instructors Association. Under my supervision, the new DBMAA and DBMA IA will be run by a Board of Directors:

    *Guro Ryan "Guard Dog" Gruhn-- Director of Business Affairs
    *Guro Mark "Fu Dog" O'Dell-- Director of Curriculum
    * Guro Mark "Beowulf" Houston-- Director of Curriculum

    (Because there are three of us named "Marc/Mark" we tend to use our Dog Brother names to avoid confusion)

    As you can see, all three are full Dog Brothers and DBMA Guros. Guros Fu and Beo are long time private students of mine who together run a school in Moreno Valley, CA. Guro Ryan/Guard Dog, based in Central PA, has trained with me for over eleven years and brings the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that running a school of some 450+ students has taught him. What he will be doing for us he has already done for the other prominent Associations such as the Thai Boxing Association of the U.S.A. and the Youth Martial Arts Association.

    With this new era I believe we have in place a program that will serve you well, be your interest in any or all of the three basic martial areas of DBMA: Weaponry/Real Contact Stick Fighting; "Kali Tudo" ™; and/or "Die Less Often" whether you are a backyard group or a school.

    I feel myself to be of an age where the focus is on building those that follow, and as a system, I feel DBMA is now ready. Do note that given that I have been teaching for nearly 20 years, the number I have certified as Guro is rather small—ten so far—but I am rather “old school” in these things. The DBMAA and the DBMA IA are now my central focus. If you like my work, this is where you want to be. (To read more on Guro Crafty’s life in martial arts click here (insert link here))

    I now leave it to Guro Ryan/Guard Dog to handle the reality of it all.

    Me? I'm in charge of everything else :0D

    The Adventure continues!
    Guro Crafty/Marc



    We are excited to announce the all new Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association, which builds upon the Association that began twelve years ago. Thanks to the evolutions in DBMA as a system and in technology, the new DBMAA will offer all that it always has and much more.


    1) Online Video Library: Inside the new DBMAA you will find numerous Dog Brothers DVDs which have been broken down by technique and carefully labeled for easy navigation. Every month there will be new DBMAA-only clips from various seminars, private lessons and other various Dog Brothers Martial Arts related events that will be posted every month. Some will be from Guro Crafty, some will be from DBMA Guros and Instructors, and some will be from guest instructors. It might be Guro Crafty sharing the latest wrinkle on the Time Machine Game or one of the Guros sharing an interesting tangent on which he has some distinct expertise. Or it might be a guest instructor; for example, you will see Guro Crafty’s friend and noted twelve year UFC veteran Tony Fryklyn demonstrating his explorations based upon Guro Crafty’s trailblazing innovations with the use of shot puts as a training tool. Tony, assisted by his friend “Jase” (Jason Stratham’s stunt double) will show you his expression of using the shot puts to develop his MMA clinch game.

    2) Footage from Guro Crafty’s extensive library! Guro Crafty has compiled over twenty five years of fighting and training footage which he will share with the Association. Where permission is obtained, the shared footage will include some of the finest teachers and fighters on the planet.

    3) The DBMAA forum like none you have ever seen. It puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. As a member you will have to the largest repository of knowledge ever compiled on DBMA. Having already been in existence for twelve years, the older lower tech Association is already a living, breathing entity ready, willing, and able to support this new step. Every new user will have twelve years of content already there waiting for him—plus plenty of material of the sort enabled by the new technology. In addition to the subject matter of the sort you might expect, there are threads on Evolutionary Psychology/Biology, Konrad Lorenz, Carl Jung, Historical Battles, , , , heck rather than give examples, we provide a list of subject headings from (Make a footnote of the index at in a footnote?) After all, DBMA is not just about the fighting, but the contexts in which it occurs.

    Navigating on the forum is surprisingly easy. Great emphasis has been put on “thread coherency”—meaning that if you want to research a particular subject (e.g. anti-knife, head butts, improvised weapons, security measures, guns, etc.) you will be able to go to that thread and find years of accumulated contributions on the subject in question thus making navigating twelve years of posts easier than ever.

    Unlike other forums where the “name instructor” rarely shows up and interacts even less, Guro Crafty is there most days to engage and to interact with you.

    Guro Crafty has always made it clear that DBMA is not “the Marc Denny style” – rather it is “A system of many styles dedicated to smuggling concepts across the frontiers of style.” The membership of the Association is broad and deep and brings much to the conversation. As a member of our organization you will be part of a community, creating an environment of support and growth.


    One of the most asked questions we get is, “Where do I start? Is there a road map?” The answer is - HERE!

    While many people who come to us prefer to follow their doggy nose as they explore DBMA, many others prefer a more defined progression. As far we are concerned, both of these paths are correct-- our Curriculum Directors, Guro Fu Dog and Guro Beowulf, and I are there to help whichever way you prefer to go.

    If you do ask for us to help you with a defined progression, with your progress noted along the way, we will share with a clear systemic and sequential path to genuine competence in DBMA, dignified along the way by a discrete "dog tag" with a silencer of the appropriate color. Know that we are "old school" in this, recognition will be earned!

    Our Instructor section will be for current Instructors and Group Leaders. For those who have aspirations to become an Instructor, the "dog tag progression" of the Association will form your base and continue from there. For further details contact me (Guro Ryan).


    We have kept costs to a minimum so you get the most out of your experience with us. Here is how it breaks down.

    The cost to current members will continue as it has been (plus inflation!). Guro Crafty appreciates their loyalty and wants to make sure that no one is left behind or squeezed out by the new era! For new members the cost will be $25 a month or $200 per year if you sign up before Sept 30, 2014. New members, if you get in before September 30, 2014, you will be locked into this special discounted rate for as long as you are a current member under the DBMA Association; after that it becomes $30 a month or $300 per year.

    To register

    DBMA Instructor Association: If you are interested in your school carrying the DBMA flag and what the program offers you please contact me directly.

    Fit, Fun & Functional!

    Ryan “Guard Dog” Gruhn
    Guro / DBMAA Business Director
    “Walking as warriors for all our days” |
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    Some of the new material for this month:

    Greetings DBMAA Members:

    Two new clips are now available in the DBMAA Members Area.

    Trauma Care - M.A.R.C.H.

    -Massive Bleeders
    - Airway
    - Respirations
    - Circulation
    - Hypos

    Today's clips focus on Massive Bleeders and Airway. These are in lecture format. We have a lot more material queue'd up for you that is practical trauma care training. Stay Tuned!

    I will share a sample clip from this course this week. We have a huge library of material we are working on for our members. This association is a huge value. We are running a special discount until September 30, 2014.

    Webmaster Bob

    PS: To join, please visit:


    Woof All:

    As those of you who have been around a while know, "Die Less Often" (tm) is our system for the interface of gun, knife, and empty hand.

    Part of being prepared for the world of DLO includes having proper Trauma Care training, but frankly most of us have little to no clue when it comes to this.

    The DBMA Training Camp from the summer of 2013 had Special Forces 18 Delta (combat medic) and advanced firearms instructor Frankie McRae as guest instructor.

    A man with literally hundreds of firefights under his belt, he speaks from rare experience about trauma care in the field and from rare experience in training people with no-medical background whatsover in in skills with which they might save their own life or the life of a buddy all the while in an intense adrenal state. Our Army folks will recognize this as "Triple C" --- with some adaptations for civilians.

    Each month there will be additional footage of his instruction until the material is done.

    Then we will go on to his combat gun fighting indoors training, including him teaching , , , ahem , , , my "Crafty Dog" shooting stance-- which I am deeply honored to say he has taken and now teaches as part of his own curriculum.

    The larger point I am making here is that the DBMA Ass'n experience will have fresh material such as this every month.

    The Adventure continues,
    Guro Crafty
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    Woof All:

    As some of you may know I have trained with and shared "Kali Tudo" (tm) with UFC fighter (135lb.) Pedro Munhoz. With his kind permission, next week we will begin sharing some of the footage of me training him in Kali Tudo on the DBMA Ass'n.

    Also coming next week is 12 year UFC vet Tony Fryklund showing his expression of the DBMA Shot Put Training Method for MMA Clinch.

    The Adventure continues!

    Guro Crafty

    PS: The introductory prices end at 12:01 October 1. Tons of content already there and every month there will be more.
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    The DBMA Shot Put Vid-Lesson went up on the Association today. It runs about 30 minutes of which about 10 are me introducing working with the SPs and then about 20 minutes of noted long time (12 years!) UFC fighter Tony Fryklund (assisted by Jason Stratham's stunt double).

    Going up tomorrow is the next section of Trauma Care with Special Forces 18 Delta Combat Medic Frankie McRae.

    In a few days more the first Vid-Lesson of me working Kali Tudo (tm) with UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz (congrats on the outstanding win on Saturday Pedro!) will go up.
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    The first VL of me training Pedro in KT is up.
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    We continue to post Vid Lessons and other clips at a goodly pace:

    For example:

    *More on Trauma Care with Frankie McRae
    *OVer time, the 2014 Dog Brothers Open Gathering of the Pack-- we are putting up 5 fights every few days.
    *Krabi Krabong for DBMA with Guro Benjamin Lonely Dog Rittiner

    Going up this coming week will be the second Kali Tudo Vid-Lesson of me working with Pedro Munhoz.
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    Woof All:

    The Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association merrily plugs along. Coming up this week:

    In the pipeline:

    a) RCSFg with Guro Crafty and the Hermosa Clan-- the new "Subversive Game": Why "the Subversive Game"? Because it attacks our opponent's structure from the inside. I confess to being pretty tickled with this one.

    b) next Vid-Lesson on "Kali Tudo" with me coaching UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz;

    c) The Yellow Tag level of the "Dog Tag Practitioner" program 95% up; the clips are there already and all that remains is to post a couple of related URLs. If you want to have an organized progression, this is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to follow wherever your doggy nose takes you, that is fine too.

    d) more Trauma Care with Special Forces combat medic Frankie McRae from our 2013 Camp at his gun range in Fayetteville NC. As soon as we finish the TC, it will be time to go into the CQ Gunfighting with Frankie, including him instructing the stance that I shared with him and that he now uses in his own teaching. See

    e) A Vid Lessons with Dog Antone on aspects of changing to slugs while running the Remington 870 shotgun; Also Dog Antone and I run a test on the Keltec Shotgun. For those of you not familiar with it, it is a bull pup concept that due to having not one but two tubes, holds 15 shots! However, there have been rumors putting its reliability in doubt. Check out our experience with it! Also, Dog Antone is becoming my right hand man on matters pertaining to gun; there will be nice little interview with him on the DBMA Unorganized Militia Tactical concept.

    Of course there are all the usual activities on the forums, the training logs, and so forth. This is just what is in the pipeline for this coming week.

    What are you going to do with this year? I offer for your consideration to join the DBMA Association.

    The Adventure continues!
    Guro Crafty/Marc
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    Fleshing out the preceding post:

    Newsletter: Coming out of hibernation into the new year
    by Guro Crafty

    For most of us, this time of year naturally tends to be a period of hibernation, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We reflect on the year gone by and take stock of where we were a year ago, where we are now, and what we want the trajectory forward to be.

    Which segues me to one of the biggest developments for me of this past year—the launching of the new DBMA Association in September. This is something towards which I have been building for many years now and to have it now underway has unleashed me in a plethora of ways to share growth in ways of which I only had dreamed previously. It is now the central focus of my efforts.

    In addition to the many other features of the Association with Webmaster Bob Burgee partnering in the effort, we now have video capabilities we did not have before. There is now a regular stream of “Vid Lessons” in the three basic areas of DBMA: Real Contact Stick Fighting; Kali Tudo; and Die Less Often.

    What are in these Vid-Lessons? Well, here is what we have going up right now and this coming week:

    *In RCSFg we are putting up the fights from the 2014 US Dog Brothers Open Gathering at a pace of about five fights per week-- and many of these fights have my comments.

    *Webmaster Bob is editing the new siniwali game I have developed (the “Subversive Game” because it attacks the opponent’s structure from the inside out). This game also applies to Kali Tudo.
    *In “Kali Tudo”, with his permission we are putting up the footage of me training my friend and UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz (News flash: It looks like I will be working some more with Pedro in late January)

    *In “Die Less Often” we are wrapping up the Trauma Care footage of Special Forces 18 Delta (this means combat medic) Frankie McRae from the 2013 DBMA Summer Camp—and when it is done it will be on to Frankie’s training of us in CQ gun fighting inside structures at the shoot house on his range in Fayetteville, NC.

    *Also, we have an Black Tag Instructor (one step before Guro) Dog Antone Haley demonstrating transitioning from shot to slugs on a shotgun and an interview with him on the DBMA Tactical Unorganized Militia Concept.
    In short, there is a continuous flow of new footage all the time-- these are just the examples of this moment.

    For those who want an organized progression, we have “The Practitioner Program”. A lot of thought has gone into this progression so that your skills build logically and sequentially. Your progress along the way marked with dog tags with a silencer of the relevant color leading up to your being marked with recognition as a graduate of the “DBMA Practitioner Program”—roughly equivalent to a black belt.

    The first step of the program, “Yellow Tag” is already up. All of the elements, including the relevant Vid-Lessons, are collected into one place for your easy study and preparation for your workout. Our people tell us they really like this!

    For those who want to wander around the system wherever their doggy noses may lead them, well you can do that too :)

    What are people who have already joined saying?

    After many years of martial arts exploration, I feel you guys are the future model for associations. There is no glam about it. Just a straight forward approach about what works when you’re in a fight. With an open mind anyone can bring something new to the table and integrate it too. Instead of a association it could be called a collective. Furthermore your objective to walk as a warrior all your days is unique for everyone and embodies a spirit of support and nurturing. I hope we can keep this movement going for many more generations. I don't have anything negative to say since this is my first year. I want to acknowledge how awesome the website is. I am learning a bunch of great strategies.
    Hello sir:
    I am replying to your request for an assessment of DBMA Ass’n.
    I joined back in march I believe it was. I wanted to become part of the organization due ot my love for the Filipino Martial Arts. I believe DBMA has incorporated the best of the FMA along with other substance form others styles-- the approach of 'what works"-- this is exactly the kind of material I am looking for.
    It is as easy as it can be to find anything I need. In a word, it is "wonderful"
    I am excited about my journey with you guys.
    Guro Crafty
    I was immediately drawn to DBMA because of the culture you see from the videos and website, and that it is by far the most impressive culmination of martial arts fundamentals and knowledge I have ever seen. Seeing as I have not been training since I was very young, I am at a bit of a disadvantage - and while I see the value in learning by making the early mistakes I am very glad I can see them made before I have to, so that instead of learning the way others have I can absorb those lessons and push the arts forward myself without the amount of time trial and error tends to absorb.

    I have found nothing but value in the resources being a member allows in the instructional videos since I signed up; the footwork especially because I am rather clumsy. I am very grateful the site exists.

    Guro Crafty,

    I could not be happier w/ DBMA!

    Kang Duk Won (TaeKwonDo) is my base art. At some time in the deep, dark past weapons may have been taught, but not in years. About a year ago I started studying stick fighting (videos, as there are no Arnis, Kali, Escrima instructors anywhere near us). At first studied Master Sang H. Kim's Junbong. Decent stuff. Basic strikes, blocks and combos. Also forms (and you know how we in TKD love our forms). However, after the Basic and Advanced DVD, I asked, "Is that all?". There was no instruction on footwork, fighting, philosophy, etc. About that time my Master Instructor allowed me to add Junbong to my classes at our Dojang. We actually got full Michelin Man Suits (per Guro Salty). They have only been used once. What a waste of time and money. They are useless.

    Then I came across DBMA and all the materials. I started w/ your DVDs "Attacking Blocks", and "Combining Stick and Footwork". I also bought "Cycle Drills", but have not studied it yet, because I bought the RCSF series. I have worked most of the way thru the first two DVDs. All these DVDs (your's and Guro Top Dog's) are amazing SH**!!!! The footwork is stuff I could not have imagined! Most of the classes I teach involve some stick time. Our sparring is w/ the rubber encased sticks w/o protective gear. Head shots are to be controlled, but all others are full contact. The stick hickies are for real! Our Master Instructor is still hesitant about the full contact rattan fighting w/ limited protection. Oh well, we are making progress.

    Additionally, the DBMA training (especially the footwork) has really added a new dimension to our TKD "sparring". At least our movements are not just in circles or up and back.

    Keep the training DVD's coming (I like the DVDs b/c I can slow down and replay the motions)!!


    I am writing in response to your request for feedback on the DBMAA.

    First of all, the forums and video material have been great resources for me. Training alone for the most part, or at least outside a formal class setting except for occasional workshops, is what works best for me right now, as my schedule is chaotic and I travel a lot. I take language lessons and took music lessons via Skype for years, and am a motivated "individual learner." The DBMAA is quickly becoming suited to this learning style. I think this is a huge boon to others like me who may not be near a school or have a schedule conducive to the classes offered, or who prefer a different learning style.

    All of the streaming video content is great.
    Posting on a training journal in the forum is very motivating, and my training is enriched by reading others' journals.

    The very frequent and personal guidance from yourself and others in my training journal is invaluable. I would say this and the videos are the most vital things I am getting from my membership.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment.
    Since coming into contact with DBMA and the Dog Brothers in general my whole outlook on fighting has changed. Maybe not totally but with regard to footwork and grappling they certainly have. The forum is the place where I do a lot of research there is a lot of information, ideas, and opinions on it. We don’t all think the same so the solution to a problem we have, quite simply could be in someone else’s brain. The way they do fighting or think about combat. I think the forum is great for that. Even if the truth is something we don’t want to hear. I’m loving the fact your putting more clips up on the website. I own most of the material any way but I love that you are doing it. I would love to see some of the clips you have from the old days. (Guro C: You will!) I think a deeper understanding develops from listening to people who have been there done that and are going back for more.

    , , , The course index makes finding things very easy. I also just recently started reading through the forum, and despite not having posted anything yet, I think it's great to read the opinions of so many people who are clearly well-informed.


    So, when you are looking back at the 2015, where will you be compared to where you are now? We like to think you will like your answer to that question if you share the journey with us.

    The Adventure continues!
    Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
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