Angling/Wrapping hit drill

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  1. Ryno

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    This is a little angling drill that we’ve been working on to avoid a linear clash at long range. This type of approach can be used in getting past a rigid forward defense, or can be used defensively to slip a linear attack. The goal is to counter by having hits wrap around your opponent’s guard. If you can hit him behind the ear, you’ve done well.

    In this instance, we were working on an entry to the open side, and maintaining long range. If you are going to the open side, this is generally advisable because by going in too close, your opponent can engage with his secondary weapons. This could be punches with his non-stick hand, kicks, grabs, etc.

    This same type of approach can be used as entry to your opponent’s closed/blind side. This is actually preferrable if you can get it. From there, you can either launch your shots from largo, or move in to check and control aggressively. The technique demonstrated actually works nicely in attaining this goal of blind side entry in that if you go to the open side and score on him several times, he will tend to turn that way to defend. From there, his back is exposed, making the closed side entry all the easier.

    Ryan Greene
    LESKAS Seattle
  2. arnisador

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    Looks like a nice way to train covering your footwork with a distracting hit! I'll play with it when I'm healed and ready to train again.
  3. Shaun

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    Nice footwork
  4. JoeBrandt

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    Thanks for sharing :coolyello
  5. lhommedieu

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    Nice drill. You could also hit on forehand downward diagonal as you step out diagonally to the left (flank) with the left foot. Another step diagonally with the left foot and a step back with right will bring out the backhand strike.



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