Andy Stanford Combat Riflecraft DVD in "Like New" Condition

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    Just finished Andy Stanford's "Surgical Speed Shooting" book and found it to be a great primer on current handgun practice. Stanford argues in favor of the Modified Isosceles vs. Weaver but is willing to admit that there are plenty of Weaver shooters who can out-shoot him and is not preachy about it. I tend to agree with him as MI is just not as complicated with respect to controlling recoil and is easier with my .45 auto. I decided to get his "Combat Riflecraft" DVD a look and found it to be, again, an excellent primer on current carbine practice. Nothing fancy - just good, solid technical advice for a relative newbie shooter like myself.

    If interested, I am selling it on eBay for $18, s/h included.

    Ebay item number:

    From Paladin Press:

    "Combat Riflecraft
    The Ultimate Guide to Equipping, Handling, and Firing the Combat Rifle
    with Andy Stanford

    There's more to using the rifle in combat than just raising it to eye level and snapping off a shot, and this video production from Paladin Press gives you the information you need to turn any rifle into a formidable fighting weapon. Firearms expert Andy Stanford starts off by describing the most common types of combat rifles and the only two accessories you need to make any of them fit to fight. From there, he teaches the basics of aiming and zeroing for maximum accuracy, whether your weapon is equipped with iron sights or state-of-the-art optics; proper trigger control, including how to fire fast, accurate follow-up shots even with a manually operated bolt-action or lever-action rifle; the pros and cons of various shooting positions, including why the prone position may give you the most stable platform but is also the most dangerous; and the best ways to execute combat reloading and malfunction clearance. Finally, Stanford shows you how to perform the "A" drill, a shooting exercise that combines everything you've learned so far into one comprehensive form of training. For information purposes only.

    Andy Stanford's training resume includes every major combat shooting instructor and/or school in the country, plus an extensive background in both street-oriented martial arts and police defensive tactics. A noted author of both books and magazine articles and an IDPA Master Class shooter, he was the Shootist (1st overall) at the 1994 National Tactical Invitational and 2nd overall in 1998. He is the director of OPS (Options for Personal Security) in Ridgecrest, California"



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