An LSAI video clip in Israel

Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by littlebadboy, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. littlebadboy

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    Guro Jon Escudero has a new video from Israel.

    Courtesy of Neta:

    Master Jon Escudero was invited to teach at the Israeli martial arts forum meeting of Tapuz.

    Master Jon is demonstrating on members of Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel and on one other...

  2. Christian

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  3. Shaun

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    L.S.A.I. in Israel

    Great typically combat effective Lightning from Guro Escudero.
    Cambio footwork,then finish.
  4. Batongbuhay

    Batongbuhay New Member

    thanks dude, they guys here keep me in shape
  5. JoeBrandt

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    Thanks for sharing ;)

    Best to you
  6. Brock

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  7. Duncan

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    great video clip
  8. arnisador

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    I see a lot of emphasis on angling behind your opponent!

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