American Airforce Veteran and family killed at their home in Angeles City Philippines

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  2. Yep, was on the news last night and I was just talking about it with a friend.

    Well, the report I heard is it was tri-cycle driver who loaded up the tri-cycle with the loot and the security guards noticed but waved him through. Retards.

    Apparently this is the 3rd such cases in the area too. Was kind of overshadowed over here by the killing and raping of a a 5yr old kid in Isabela, Northern Philippines. Words are not enough really in both cases. Very sad.
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    You know what makes that even more interesting.. That is one of the areas where one of my former instructors lives.. You can see the gate to the compound from their front porch.. The area where this is at is close to the old Angeles market and there are a lot of squatters in this area also.. Just talked to my wife's sister and there seems to be more to this than we are getting on the news.. Can you say Tatsulok
  4. 3rd of three foreigners Killed in Angeles this July:

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    UPDATE to this thread.

    The suspect identified in this thread has been caught in San Fernando La Union which is a province up near Baguio.. He was caught on video camera at a pawn shop in this area.. He was apprehended by the PNP and is on his way back to Angeles City.. This update brought to you by the ABS-CBN tv channel out of Manila.. Just to repeat the update.. They caught the Bastard that has been linked to 3 murders of foreign nationals in the Angeles city area.. One of the murders was right behind my fence at my home in Angeles City..
  6. Great news.

    Lets hope justice prevails and is swift.


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