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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by platypus, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Just stumbled across this while browsing the web during a break from work.

    I have not been active for a while. I trained under Wayne Caseria, John Eliab and Gilbert Tenio. While I am not fit to claim to be their students, Dentoy Revillar and Dexter Labonog have been kind enough to teach this n00b.

    I'm actually proud to have only trained in one martial art other than eskrima. However, I have been privileged to meet and share with some very talented martial artists.

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    Welcome, Platypus!
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    Welcome Platypus, interesting name. I take it you are training in Bahala Na?? I believe one of Dexter's students is here in Hawaii, also Dexter was here back in August or September to compete in a tournament.

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    Saludo Bahala Na!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome and Aloha
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  8. platypus

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    Thanks for the Aloha.

    Actually, I am not part of the Bahala Na family. I did have the opportunity to meet and chat with GM Giron years ago, however. Sitting at the same table, having lunch with GM Giron and Uncle Gilbert (Tenio) at Bear Creek High School is one of my happiest memories. We were visiting while several clubs were doing demos at the high school.

    I met Dexter through my teacher. He's a great guy, a skilled player and a fantastic teacher.
  9. Dagadiablo

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    Aloha my Braddah!

    Stockton in da houzzze! So wat? You from da kine Ewa side, or from Stocktown? You F.O.P? Plenty good playas Ewa Side. Try look up cuzin Guro Alan Gantala from Waipahu--he trained wit Denny, Nong Gilbert Uncle John, also.


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