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  1. Here is the all-inclusive, ecumenical logo for use by anyone doing Prof. Remy A. Presas' Modern Arnis, no matter the federation, association, family, or backyard independents, etc. If you're doing the Professor's art and working his creation, more power to you. Please feel free to use this logo how you see fit - I only ask that you not use it to make money from the logo. I created it to share, for ALL modern arnis practitioners; no politics, no need to join any group (you're already in as a Modern Arnis practitioner). I'm putting this here on the 15th Anniversary of Professor's passing in order to honor his memory, his art, and his love for all his students at all levels. Mabuhay ang Modern Arnis, and pugay po to you all!

    I am planning on having a patch made and making it available at cost. Still doing the research on the best but it should be up soon.

    (Note this file is in a high-resolution PNG format - just resize for use as appropriate)

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  2. As a followup on the "use this logo how you see fit," the only stipulation is that I ask that you not modify the logo without checking with me first. Other than that, it's everyone's to use as-is, with no fees, callbacks, recognition, etc - enjoy!

    - Tye

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