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  1. Late night Modern Arnis thought for the night: Just like your live hand, your cane needs to be "alive" at all times. Yes, it's for striking, poking, punyo-locking/grabbing, etc. But it also can keep you ahead of the game if you can use it as an antenna, feeling what the opponent does - if he blocks your strike, you know where he (and his intent) is; if he's not there to taste your strike, you know where he's not; if he grabbed your cane or cane-hand but later shifts, you move immediately, twisting to abanico if still held or striking like a snake as soon as it's free; and more besides. Your cane keeps moving, whether "successful" or not, finding holes, attacking here and there, blocking if need be. And your live hand and cane need to work together to overwhelm the opponent in that type of movement. Remember, though, they need not move in a manner tied to the other, predictably or otherwise limiting your options - they can each have their own beat or broken rhythm, independent of the other, or even simultaneous, applying themselves opportunistically and strategically. But you have to put that mixed "life" there - through training, intent, pressure, focus, sensitivity, fighting spirit, and just plain hard work.

    Thoughts, comments, expansions? I'd love to hear how you work in training for that stick aliveness.
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  2. Continuing along those lines... Live stick or hand? Checking? Yes, and more besides. The idea is that your tools should be *doing* something. Think of your weapons also sometimes as control and sensitivity tools, constantly threading in to control and/or feel aspects of your opponent's motion/intent. Sometimes you can use them to control his balance, his last attack, his block, his next attack, his angle, his damage, his power, his mobility, ...his *options*. Or you can use them to sense all of those things, too. Contact with your weapons as tools can be sticky or glancing, make contact or not, hard or soft, attacking or defending, dominating or accepting, whatever - but it has to *be*, and be active.

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