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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by timagua, Jul 16, 2009.

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    [FONT=&quot]By order of GGM Ernesto A. Presas, Sr. at International Philippine Martial Arts Federation Headquarters in Manila, the Philippines, Alexander Bautista Bayot France has been promoted to Lakan Siyam effective June 5, 2009. Alex France, as he is known to most, has served in the capacity of IPMAF Secretary General for many years. He is a primary advocate for GGM Presas’ art and effectively keeps the federation’s worldwide membership linked and informed of current goings-on. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]France[/FONT][FONT=&quot] was originally a Wado-ryu karate practitioner under Sensei Hidy Hiraoka when he first saw the Filipino martial arts in action. Curiously, this was not in his native Philippines but in a stickfighting tournament in California’s Bay Area. He subsequently met Great Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas Sr. and then went directly under his martial guidance.[/FONT] [FONT=&quot]GGM Presas became his mentor, instilling in him a solid foundation in the art of Kombatan. France also sought knowledge in the FMA under Grandmaster Jon Bais and Balintawak Grandmaster Ver Villasin. He acknowledges all of his teachers and carries on their skills through his own school. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]France[/FONT][FONT=&quot]’s Philippine Martial Arts Academy, the PMAA, was established in 1995. It was first located in Vallejo, California, then moved to Pleasanton, where he ran his "Pamana ng Mandirigma" program. He now teaches in Hayward, where PMAA is the FMA division of Hayward Martial Arts. An able statesman and martial expert, France self-admittedly lives by his motto: “By the pen or by the sword, it shall be done.”

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    Awesome! It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

    Congratulations Alex!
  3. Bob Hubbard

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    Congratulations :)
  4. Bob - Thanks.
    Timagua - Thanks for the posting.
    John - Thanks; but it COULD happen to a nicer guy. It could happen to you!

    All - Regarding the motto, here's the background: Oftentimes, GGM and I would discuss matters. ONCE in awhile he would ask for my advice or suggestions. My replies are always based on what I think is good for my mentor (GGM) and the organization (IPMAF). He then makes the final decision, sometimes taking my advice, sometimes not. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. I am not infallible and I believe there are many others in the Federation who can do my job. Towards that end, we to set up a network of Secretary Generals, one for each country, and in the U.S. one for each state. This entire group became the "IPMAF Secretariat" and its motto came to be, "By pen or blade, it shall be done!" To all our Secretary Generals out there, thanks for all your good work!

    ESKABO New Member

    Congratulations SG! Good to hear about your promotion. It was well deserved.

    BATANGENYO New Member

    CONGRATULATION Grandmaster Alex France! Your Kombatan family here in Italy are happy for you.

    Randy Remolin.
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    I've already congratulated you in person, but it deserves it again; Congratulations GRANDMASTER France! :D
  8. Carol

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    Hearty congratulations! :bow:
  9. tswolfman

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  10. Robert -- Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to your Gathering next month!
    Randy -- Thank you. Give my regards to the Kombatan family there in italy. They're in good hands with you at the helm.
    Ramon -- Thank you. Say "Hi" to your students in Dublin for me. See you soon.
    Carol -- Thanks. One day I'll get to meet you in person!
    Thomas "Sam" Wolfman -- Thank you too. Regards to your students there in Ohio.
  11. arnisador

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    Great news! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Malmo

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    We took a vote Alex and you are definitely nicer than I am. You have literally given me the shirt off your back...well out of your closet anyway. (smile)
  13. Labantayo

    Labantayo Junior Member

    Kuya Alex,
    Galing!!! Congratulations on your promotion!!!
    It's well deserved for all of the hard work you've done for IPMAF and FMA!!!!

  14. johnzag

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    Congratulations Alex!! Great news.

  15. Nicer!?? Well, there goes my reputation....

    All - Master John Malmo was being honored at some function but couldn't get hold of any Filipino formal wear in his area, so I sent him the Barong Tagalog of my back... well, out of my closet anyway. (grin)

    GM Tim - Thanks. And a BIG THANKS also for providing the IPMAF website and Kombatan Forum.

    GM Shelley - So nice to hear from The Man! Thanks for your kind words. Please give my regards to Curtis, Vince, Mitch, Abraham, and all the rest.

    All - GM Shelley Millspaugh is the Chief Instructor for the Midwest. he and the group that he formed are among the staunchest supporters of GGM and are some of the best practitioners of Kombatan, having practiced the art before the art came to be called Kombatan.

    Giovanni - Thanks. 'Regards to the Family Down Under. Although I missed the 2009 Camp, I noticed in 2007 that the presence of the Australian group really livened things up, contributing to the enjoyment and merriment of all. Positively infectious! And thanks also for posting the Hong Kong branch of the Family.
  16. armas

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    Congratulations to my brother Kuya Alex! I am so happy for you. How have you been? Miss you kuya. Audy and I are ok here in the PI. Hope when you come over we can hook up.

    God Bless!
    Alex Ercia
  17. Congratulations and all the best!
  18. Capt. Jack -- Thanks! I remember communicating with you before; but if we've ever met in person here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I wouldn;t know. If you're planning to go to the FMA gathering at Lowell High School this Sunday, reveal yourself! (smile)

    Alex E -- Thanks. I miss you and Audy too. Tell Audy I'm still waiting for that boxing leson he was going to give me. (I can say this since there's a whole ocean between us.) hehehe I plan to retire to the PI (gonna get me a place in that "island of magic") middle of next year. How about you? When are you going to visit over here again? We could have used you at the demo last Sunday at the SF Pistahan. The Aikido instructor (and FMA student) we use for full power throws and takedowns woke up in the morning unable to move his leg (don't ask me --we didn't injure him) and we had to find a substitute fast. We ended up with "Em" and just ad-libbed. Everyone said the demo was great but just didn't look right with my 7 foot student and I picking on a small female! LOL. But thanks, Emmy, for bailing us out at the last minute. You've got heart!

    Alex F
  19. Labantayo

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    Kuya Alex,
    Thanks for the kind words!! :)
    Since the beginning, we have worked really hard to make GGM proud and to preserve his art as it was taught in the late 80's, early 90's.
    The Manila/Quiapo group from the mid-late 90's has done an incredible job of supporting GGM and GM Jan-Jan with their skill and dedication.
    Its the Manila/Quiapo group that we use to set the bar and we try to emulate them as much as possible. Sir Michael, Sir Oliver, Sir Allen, Sir Mac, and the others!!
    They are the ones who deserve the thanks from all of us for their dedication and skill.
  20. V-Rex

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    Outstanding and well deserved... Congratulations, Sir! You have always represented GGM and his art in proper form. We here in the flatlands have the utmost respect for you.

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