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    I am glad you find the information and format useful. I like the combination of video and text myself, and think that this format works well. It it gratifying to see that I am not the only one who finds this format a good one.
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    Arnisador, it is sad that I had to underscore that this is just body mechanics. You would be surprised how many blank looks I get when I explain that hip rotation is not the only way to develop power for a strike. You would also be a bit dismayed by those who have told me that what I demonstrated was an example of ABC mystical power source and its viability in actual combat. Maybe I should market this as Hypno-Ninja-Dragon-Ball-Anime-Ki-Power-Butt-Whuppery and make a few hundred thousand on the seminar circuit by preaching it to the fluffy-bunny-project-my-force-of-will-and-neutralize-the-bad-guy-without-hurting-him crowd along with a few sundry other live action role players (LARPERs). Nah---I could not sleep at night if I did that and some misguided, gullible kid got hammered on the street because he believed in Craptastic BullFu.
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    I received some questions about close range striking, targeting, and footwork. In addition, some people had asked about fighting in areas with limited space or mobility, as when on stairs, in hallways, when exiting a vehicle and another vehicle is parked next to yours, etc. Lastly, some who do not practice FMA had inquired as to the purpose and or viability of hubud and other checking drills in FMA. I combined the questions and did this video and associated explanatory text.
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    Very nice moves.Great video,thanks.
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    I placed a new video on the Albo Kali Silat website. Ed Schempp sent me one of the Spyderco Balance folders that he designed, and I felt that this small, curved blade was perfect for demonstrating some of the small, circular motions used in Albo Kali Silat both in empty hand and small blade tactics.

    Here is a link to the video:
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    It has been some time since I posted here. I have been very busy in the last few months. I had a temporary duty assignment in the SouthWest near the Mexican border, had a death in the family, a couple of illnesses, etc. In any case, while I have been away I had a couple of people who were not skilled in FMA or any other knife methodology ask me some questions about working unarmed against the knife. I realized that I really had never put anything up on my website that addressed this topic on a basic level and that could be understood by beginners or non-FMA practitioners. The video is about 20 minutes, as it covers a lot of basic skill sets and drill, to include basic sensitity drills, bridging, trapping, how you should move to deflect a knife, and why you should move this way. There are some entries and strikes shown, but these are incidental to the video. Hopefully, the video is of some value and interest to the members here:
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    I really believe in hip control 100%. Why would alot of athletes develop their abs if it doesn't have a use
  8. Hip control is vital for all martial arts.

    The point I think KGM is making is that it is not the only way to generate power and I fully agree with this.

    From my own practice there is the power generated from sinking, rising, power generated from the wrist, elbow, shoulders, spine, from bending / straightening the knees, twisting the heel out / up / down and probably many others. The hip does get the most attention but the other little details really help too IMHO. Isolate and unify.


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