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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by joej, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Sorry I missed your input about asinas joej
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    Just to introduce myself,, I began martial arts back in the early 60's In Angeles City, at a small Dojo called, Crosswinds.. Head instructor was Marcello Umipeg Sensei.,, also in later years trained with my good friend and teacher Rafael Reston, Okinawan Kempo,, my friend and teacher Orlando Centeno, Arnis and Go-Ju Ryu Seibukan and many others around Angeles City. I see Joe Asinas name mentioned,, i worked out with him several times and always enjoyed it. The past 12 years I have trained Yang Style Tai Ji Quan,, but still train Go-Ju Ryu, because I love the kata. Hope to return to the Phil in the next few years permanently. I would like to open a small place to practice in Angeles City,, and it would be open to anyone who is interested in practicing Tai Ji Quan as a martial art and for health benefits both,, and of course there would probably be no charge,, as I owe so much to the Phil..
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    Welcome, mike boyett!

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